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Wonderful Themes for Office Parties

Mamta Mule Nov 18, 2018
Office party themes can add up to the excitement and fun of the celebration. You can choose one of the various themes and make the entire preparations according to it.
Planning for an office party has to be really special. This is the time when all the employees get together and have fun, forgetting the routine tensions. While office parties are not very common, you must make all the arrangement to make them special and memorable.
While you plan the decorations and menu, the first thing you can think about is a theme. A theme party is more fun and you can proceed with the decorations accordingly. Deciding a theme for an office party will definitely add to the fun and excitement of the event. Here are some fun ideas for the same, so choose one and get started with the preparations.

Black and White

Make all the decorations in black and white. You can use black and white table coverings, balloons, fake black and white flowers, confetti, etc. Also, everyone should come dressed in black and white attire. For dinner, you can have dishes, spoons, bowls, etc., in this color.

Decade Theme

Decade themes are very popular and a complete entertainment. You can decide any of 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's theme for the occasion. You can choose any of these decades as a theme and your party will be a huge hit.
It is a great way to recall the best and worst of these decades. Playing the decade's musical hits is an essential element of this theme. Employees can also have fun dressing in outfits according to the decade.

Festive Theme

Most of the time, parties are held during some festivals, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc., so why not choose a theme accordingly. A festive theme is a great way to have a double celebration, the party as well as the festival.
You can make decorations considering the festive theme. Also, ask everyone to dress up according to the theme so that the colors and the types of outfits will create the perfect atmosphere.

Sports Theme

You can ask everyone to dress up like their favorite sports personalities. Make the right decorations to get a sporty ambience. Add basketballs, tennis rackets, golf sticks, baseballs, etc., in the decorations of the venue.
You can also have pastries in these shapes to add a perfect touch to the celebrations. Individuals can also carry the appropriate sports instruments according to the personality they are representing.

Hawaiian Theme

Make the decorations to have a complete Hawaiian feel. You can have artificial palm trees along the pool side, surround it with sand, and add some shells to the place.
You can also put up aqua blue curtains to get the feel of the sea, and keep an aquarium as a centerpiece. Attire will mostly include floral shirts, hula skirts, colorful flip-flops, etc., and the menu must include sea food.
You can choose any of the mentioned themes and have the best office party ever. You can also ask for some creative ideas from each employee and choose the best one. Also remember to plan the preparations and other activities, like party games, stage performances, invitations, etc.
Make sure that the invitations include the theme of party and the dress code. You can also mention a small note of basic etiquette. Such parties offers a fun way to enjoy with your colleagues, along with providing some team building opportunities.