Office Party Theme Ideas

Office parties are fun, and even more so if the theme for these is thought out well. When the employees spend such long hours at work, the party should be a good way for them to let loose. So, check out these fun office party theme ideas.
Workspirited Staff
Last Updated: Sep 4, 2018
Office is the place where most working professionals spend majority of their day. One can go as far as to say that it is a second home for them. They make friends out of colleagues and find themselves growing closer with time.
As such, the office party should be nothing short of a family celebration, right? The amount of thought that is put into a family celebration can be put in for an office party as well. So, here are my inputs for some great themes for an office party.
Black and White
Business people Standing Under Falling Confetti
While all the themes can be quite delightful, nothing can beat the typical office party theme. Black and white cocktail party is a great way to stir up some fun. It is a theme that all know about and all are aware of. It is simple and delightful, yet sexy and interesting.
If you are looking at having your employees mingle with each other, there's nothing better than this. All you need is some good music, regular lighting, a normal executive menu, and energized employees, and your party will be a blast!
Costume Party
Friends in masquerade masks drinking champagne
Costume parties are awesome for an office, not just because people get to dress out of the ordinary, but because everyone gets to actually see each other dressed informally.
To be honest, two of my colleagues "found" each other when they were coincidentally dressed as Wolverine and Jean Gray! The ease about this themes is that you can have any kind of a drink list and menu. Decorations are minimal, just enough to prove that there is a party. You can end the evening by announcing the best dressed male and the best dressed female.
Old School
One can try an Old School formal party. You need to inform the people about this in advance though, as they will need to arrange for clothes. You can do that by handing out classy invitations, with appropriate wording to go with it. This is kind of a costume party, but the theme of the costume is Old School.
You can go for 19th century-style suits, slow music, a well-lit room, and an elaborate menu. You can go a step further and make it a masked party. It increases the suspense and the fun of the evening, don't you think? Along with these ideas, you can also add some party games for some more fun.
Hollywood really influences our life quite a bit, don't you think? So, why not have a Hollywood theme for the party?
Each person has to dress as a certain character from a movie. In fact, they could also maintain their behavior like that character during the party. You can have pictures of movie stars put up all over the place, and play movie tracks only. You can name the dishes in the menu by movies as well, like the ice cream dessert could be called "Titanic", etc.
The Oscars
An Oscar-themed party is my all time favorite. Every one can dress elite and you can also set a red carpet for them when they all enter. Hire a few photographers to click everyone while they enter and also during the party. Have circular tables where people will be served champagne and caviar.
You can also make it an awards night and give out awards amongst the employees for the "most punctual" or the "best dressed" employee. You can make it a little funny by having awards like "spends a lot of time in the washroom" or "should flirt on his own time" awards as well.
Celebrating the New Year
There are many more party themes that you could come up with for your office. All you need to know is that the employees should enjoy it.
If you end up spending resources on a party, you might as well have the employees motivated due to it, right? Ask everyone to join in for the preparation and make them the priority for the evening. Such occasionally organized, but well-thought of, parties go a long way in keeping the employees happy.