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Office Party Favors

Office Party Favors
After a fabulous office party, what do people generally wait for? Office party favors! That's right. Here's an article that will give you some inexpensive and practical suggestions for party favors...
Sheetal Mandora
Not everyone is excited about attending an office party. After slogging 40+ hours a week at the office, whatever energy is left gets drained in catching up on all the chores. In this scenario, getting everyone excited about an office party might seem like a tough job. But that doesn't mean you, who is organizing the party, have to feel dejected and give up hope. Think of it in this manner. What do people love at parties? Food, drinks, cake, and good company. Are we leaving out anything? Yes, the biggest one of them all. In this party, guests don't have to bring any gifts. In fact, they receive a gift for coming to the party. I am talking about party favors. If nothing else works, cool office party favors might just lure them in. And to help you find the right party favors for your office party, we've got some great suggestions waiting for you in this article. Keep reading it to find out more.
Party Favor Ideas
First and foremost, you need to know that when you are organizing for party favors, that too for your colleagues or employees, the budget isn't all that extravagant. You've got very limited expense to get something for everyone and that can seem a bit challenging. Not to worry, because there are many useful ideas for party favors.
Mini Gumball Machines
I know that this gift might sound silly at first, but think about it. A mini gumball machine is a great party favor. Almost everyone loves gumballs and everyone can keep this gift right at their desk. If you want you can personalize the machine by imprinting the name of the company and the date when the party is held. With tons of yummy flavors available, you simply can't go wrong. And if someone doesn't want to keep it for themselves, then they can take it home and give to their kids. It's a win-win situation.
Personalized Travel Mugs
A personalized travel mug is one of the best and inexpensive party favor. There are many websites and even gift stores that have travel mugs in different sizes and colors. To personalize them, you can have the employees' initials printed on it along with the company logo on the other side of the mug. The travel mug is practical because every morning, everyone is in a rush to get to work. But without the dose of coffee, it's very difficult to take even a step forward. And if this doesn't float your boat, how about personalized aluminum water bottles or flasks?
Sweet and Delicious Cookies
Who doesn't love cookies? A basket of assorted chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies is always a winner. You can purchase the cookies in bulk at a very reasonable price. This gift is very useful and keeps everyone happy. If you want, instead of the cookies, you can prepare a small basket of mini muffins, brownies, shortbread cookies, or even a jar of candies. Just watch their faces when they open the gifts. They're going to love it.
Wine Charms
Here's another creative idea; a dozen wine charms. There are literally hundreds of designs, colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. You can visit any gift stores, department stores, or even shop online for great deals on wine glass charms. These charms are not very expensive and make really wonderful party favors, regardless of any occasion.
Mini Bottle Shakers
Last, but certainly not the least, we give you... mini bottle shakers. If you're searching for corporate party favor, then this gift is just right. They are chic, they can make cocktails, and they can bring a bright smile on anyone's face. If you want to make this gift even more exciting, you can fill the bottle shaker with candies or cocktail flavored jelly beans. These bottle shakers aren't very expensive and can easily fit your budget.
So... what do you think of our suggestions? I hope that you got good ideas as to which gifts you can look for the next time you are having a party at work. Remember, the better the party favors, the happier the crowd will be.
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