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Office Games to Play

Aastha Dogra Apr 21, 2019
You don't necessarily need a party to enjoy with colleagues and play some fun games. Here, you will find entertaining games you can play during down time or to relieve stress.
Majority of us these days spend more time at our workplace in comparison to what we get to spend at our homes. This makes it very important that we take out time in between work to relax a little.
It also makes it important that we make some good friends among our colleagues, so that our social skills can get better. And what better way to have fun, relax, and make new friends than playing some interesting office games?

Cross the Obstacles

To play this game, divide everyone into 2 or 3 teams of 10 people each. Next, choose a leader for each team and blindfold rest of the team members. In an empty space, place some chairs, files, lamps, and other office supplies.
Now, the leader has to guide his blindfolded team members from one side of the room to another without touching the obstacles that you have placed in their path. If anyone touches the obstacles, the entire team has to start all over again.

Jet Race

To play this game, ask each of your co-workers to take a sheet of paper each and make an airplane out of it. Once they are done, ask them to stand in line against a wall. When you signal by waving your handkerchief, they have to fly their paper planes. The employee whose paper plane flies the farthest is declared the winner.

I Admire my Colleagues

To play this game, take a sheet of paper and cut a big heart out of it. Next, ask all your co-workers to stand in a circle. Now, each employee has to say one good thing about another colleague. It can be anything like how a person has helped him/her or a certain quality of their co-worker that they admire.
When they are saying this, they have to hold out the paper heart towards that particular person. Likewise, the game continues as the heart is passed on from one person to another.


To play this game, divide everyone into 2 teams. Now, ask one of the team members to come and draw something on a sheet of paper. The other team members have to guess what is that. If they guess correctly, they are given five points. Same way, the game is played with the other team too.
In the end, the team with the highest points wins. The team which loses has to contribute money and take the winning team out for lunch.

Treasure Hunt

To play this game, hide a gift in your office. The gift can be t-shirts, stationery, or anything else which the employees can use while working.
Next, divide your office colleagues in 2 or 3 teams of 10 members each. Now, each of the teams has to reach the gift through clues, that you have already been hidden at various places in your office. The team which reaches the gift first is the winner and shares it among themselves.
Indulging in fun games, once in a while, is a good way to keep the fun quotient in your office high. Relaxed employees will be able to give in much more to their work as compared to stressed out employees.
As you can see, office games contribute to employee motivation, so make sure that you as an employee or if you are a manager, your subordinates are balancing work with such fun activities in the office.