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Pretty Cool Office Cubicle Pranks to Play on the Naive Co-worker

Office Cubicle Pranks
Bored at the office? Do you enjoy pulling pranks on people who don't see your naughtiness coming? Here's giving you some pretty cool pranks to play on an unsuspecting co-worker.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
It can get pretty gloomy in an office that doesn't entertain entertainment, so to speak, where the rules aren't flexible and the work is tiresome. Nothing like a good prank to stir things up, right? Just don't get caught, or it'll cost you. Once the coast is clear, you can set up your prank and leave unnoticed. For those of you who work in not-so-stuffy offices, these pranks are great to play on someone, especially on a gloomy Monday morning.
Cubicle Makeover
Rearrange everything on your co-worker's desk, including the pin-ups on his cubicle walls. Do this every day until he grows frustrated with what's going on, but ask everyone to act clueless about who could've done it. If he tells your or someone else to remember the way his things were placed, only to prove the rearranging act the following day, don't touch anything. Tell people to pass comments about how crazy he's acting; that should really freak him out.
'Twas Love
This is probably the meanest prank to play on someone, but you have to admit how funny it is. Choose someone in the office who doesn't socialize with other co-workers, or better yet, someone popular. Place handwritten love notes on your co-worker's desk and leave a number behind too. While it may sound a tad extreme, buy a separate number (doesn't cost much) and proceed to keep in touch. You can make it look like it's someone from the office that has a crush on him, but to make it clear not to bring it up in person, or act like there's something going on. You can only imagine how awkward it'll be for the person who has the supposed crush, when the fooled coworker coyly smiles at him, or makes an attempt to strike up a conversation.
Computer Trouble
Do you know how to flip the screen of a monitor so that it looks like it is upside down? If you the Ctrl+Alt+→ command, the screen rotates depending on the direction of the arrow you choose. This command doesn't work for all PCs, where you'll need to go to the computer's settings to enable this feature in case it isn't already active. For more on how to do this, just take a look online at the various tutorials on how to perform this prank.
Scary Pests
This is a simple prank to play on someone; all you need is a bunch of fake pests like a rat, spider, an insect, or reptile. The best kind of creepy crawlies to use for a prank are mechanical in nature, where their movement is sure to scare the living daylights out of someone. Keep it in an obscure location like under a pile of papers or hidden behind the computer screen. Have everyone gather at a close range to witness his hilarious reaction; if you can get it on tape, who knows, you could actually make a couple of extra bucks by sending the recording to TV shows like America's Funniest Videos.
Plastic Spider
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