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Offer Letter Template

Offer Letter Template

After analyzing the template given in this article, you will be able to understand how to write a good offer letter, and what to include in these letters. Here's more.
Kundan Pandey
Employers, after having recruited and selected candidates for various job openings, send an official document certifying the selection and recruitment of the candidate by sending an offer letter. Receiving your offer letter if you have applied for some job is definitely one of the most jubilant moments in an individual's career.

HR managers ensure that the contents of an offer letter are written adequately, and they contain all specific information about the firms' laws and policies pertaining to the job offer. Writing this letter properly is essential so that the employer is able to communicate to the employees all information about various aspects of the job.

Offer Letter Example

To understand the format, I have presented you with a template that can be used to create offer letters as per your requirements. Besides that, it will give you an idea about what to include in such letters. The tone of the letters must be polite, calm, and controlled. Avoid using too many business terms or jargon or start explaining salary tax laws right in the letter. Prepare a separate enclosure wherein you can give technical details.

Template for Offer Letter
(Sender's Name Here)
(Sender's Company)


Dear (Name of prospective employee)

I would like to confirm the offer to you by (name) (company) of an appointment as a (job designation) and to agree and understand the principal terms of our discussions.

This offer is being presented to you with subject to the company receiving (specify number and type of reference) which it deems to be satisfactory. We request you to confirm these references as any future correspondence with respect to your behavior or other actions will be addressed to your references.

You will be in the initial phases, employed as (mention job title) at the firm's office (give the address).

Your starting salary will be (specify the amount) gross per annum payable (mention payment period). The nature of your employment is such that you are entitled to receive (commission, bonuses) details of which have been mentioned in the letter attached with this offer letter.

You are also entitled to receive (transport facility from the firm and for this you will be allowed to possess a car, strictly for official purposes. Terms and conditions governing the car policies have been given in a separate document attached with this offer letter). This will be a taxable benefit for you.

Other terms and conditions for your employment are (mention the respective terms and conditions). Here is another copy of detailed information about your employment terms and conditions.

We wish that you start commencing the job from the first day of the first week of next month, in case you accept this offer. If you have any more queries regarding terms and conditions, feel free to contact us during office timings on all weekdays.

Within a week's time, you are requested to respond to us regarding your decision. If you are accepting this offer, then please sign and fill the necessary details as mentioned in the 'job letter acceptance form' attached here with.

I look forward to your reply and I would be pleased to see you working in our company.

Yours sincerely,
HR Head
(Company Name)

Company's Stamp Seal
Name of the CEO

If you search on the Internet, there are various other templates that are designed to suit needs for various types of job profiles. Since what an employer writes in an offer letter is vital for establishing proper communication between employer and selected employee, it's important that the contents are properly studied before putting them in the letter.