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Motivational Letter to Employees: Vital Tips and Benefits

Motivational Letter to Employees
Writing a motivational letter to employees can not only take away stress, but also acknowledge their efforts and commitment toward the company and achieve respect among the peers. In the following article, we will see what a motivational letter should include and its benefits...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
For an organization, proper functioning and stability is highly impossible without its dedicated and hardworking employees. An organization can't forecast growth and can really ruin chances of progressing in a positive direction. And in today's chaotic work environment, possessing and holding a commercial success can be tough. With this thought in mind, many organizations are looking towards changing their work ethics and policies to bring in the "content" or "satisfaction" factors into play.
After finishing our education, work seems to become a major part of our lives; a purpose and meaning for living. Wanting to do something better each time is what drives us. But waking up everyday, setting yourself in a routine, and motivating to work harder than yesterday might seem mundane. Of course, employees (we) require an occasional boost of moral to give a little bit more to the team, to the company, but it's not so easy. You can't just get up in the morning and convince yourself to work hard and do your best; not everyday though. So, what next? This is where the employers come in.
What a team, an organization needs is to have its employees be one; stay focused towards theirs and the company's future. Although there are various ways to motivate employees, one of the sure and quick ways to do so is by writing a motivational letter to employees. There are times when even the most dedicated employees need to hear from the management that what they are doing is appreciated, recognized. If motivation and recognition don't exist in a company, its employees can even lose focus and enthusiasm. To avoid this situation, a simple letter to the employees will increase an organization's chance to progress even further.
Employee Motivation Letter Benefits
Basically, what this letter is that you, the organization are building a bridge of communication with your workers. A company always looks towards becoming more successful, recognized in the market, and keep progressing furthermore. But many times, what they can misunderstand is that acknowledging and/or motivating employees, through any means, could be an expensive ordeal. In fact, writing the letter to your employees is cost-effective and quite an efficient way to keep a smooth balance in the organization. Apart from this, there are other benefits as well...
  • The letter assures employees of the fact that the company recognizes their efforts and hours of hard labor.
  • With individual and team recognition, a sense of responsibility and pride enhances. Employees begin to trust themselves and each other while working together. The understanding and importance of teamwork increases without the company having to force it in its employees.
  • By documenting the progress of the company and mentioning what its employees and the organization's goals, it gives employees an opportunity to do better at their individual tasks.
  • Highlighting goals and directing employees towards a successful path gives them a boost to work for an adventurous and productive future.
  • As a company recognizes its employees for a job well done, the risk of stress and other mental and/or physical health issues decreases dramatically. When an employee is "happy" at the place he/she works, why would any health issues arise?
  • When the letter is re-read by the employees, it works in favor of the organization as they don't have to keep reassuring them over and over again.
  • And finally, these letters tell the employees that the company which they are putting all their hard work and dedication in cares for them because they took the time to write the letter.
Tips on What to Include in the Letter
Before you begin to write or format the letter, you need to know exactly what you wish to include in it. Ask yourself this, "What is it that this letter should accomplish?" Is this letter only a means to motivate employees and wish them good luck for the work done in the past? No; not just that. There are certain factors and/or information that needs to be conveyed to the employees. This letter can serve as a means of communicating those factors. So the guidelines, or important information that you should include in your letter are...
  • It pays for you, as an organization, to first understand yourself what it is that the company wants from its employees. The first and foremost objective is to motivate them, but what is the requirement for this motivation. Are there any future projects that require their immediate attention? Does the letter need to speak about the company's policies and principles? When your main goal for this letter is revealed, formatting the letter will be easier than expected.
  • Motivation is something that can either come easily to few people or may take a while to present itself. It is known that external forces like inspirational words, rewards, kind words, wisdom, and other factors can do wonders. Which is why, keeping the atmosphere concentrated towards success and growth, along with the progress of each employee is a must. If a company only thinks about itself and not the employees, satisfaction and respect in the workplace is hard to find.
  • Know what your employees get motivated by. It is some kind of monetary reward, verbal acknowledgment, security of their jobs, or a healthy competition amongst themselves? When you know what the employees want, you can easily motivate them by giving these rewards. This way, you can be sure to get more than just 100% from their side.
  • Almost all the time, employees expect to be recognized and given credit for what they have done and given to the company. However, when the appreciation comes unexpectedly, the effects of the same are higher. So whenever you, the manager, feel that the employees or a particular team needs a little bit of boost, don't feel shy to do so.
  • Many times, with change in management or due to previous projects, the level of enthusiasm and the hunger for success can get reduced. In such cases, you need to address their fears (if any) and be honest about the company's take on the same. Treating your employees with respect will only have them respect you back. Stay honest and try not to hide major shifts and/or changes in the company as well.
Once you understand what exactly you are trying to convey to the employees, the letter doesn't seem like a laborious task. As per the time factor, it really doesn't take a long time to let the employees know that their work is being appreciated, liked, and is put to good use. After you have written the letter to the employees, do remember to proofread it before you start emailing them to everyone.
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