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Motivational Games for Groups

Motivational Games for Groups
Motivation is an important factor that drives people to work. In this following article we will give you some games that will help you build that motivation.
Rujuta Borkar
Motivation - the ability to understand the importance of the work that one is doing, enjoy that work thoroughly and continue to do the work such that one excels in it. Motivation is the very reason that one takes up something and continues to do it well. The reason that keeps them going and helps them complete that work in the best possible manner.
Motivation is a very important factor, no matter what the scenario or the setting. May it be a motivated employee, a motivated student or a motivated team player, it evokes a certain degree of confidence in us when we see a motivated person. It ensures us that the person will put in his 100 percent, will not shy of putting in the required efforts to achieve his set goals, and will therefore hold a better chance of excelling at what he's doing. How does one motivate a person, thereof? While there are several ways in which this can be achieved, it has been seen that motivating people through motivational games is one of the best ways to follow this through. In this following article, we will focus on some of these games.
Motivational Activities for Groups
The unique feature about motivational games is that they bring forth the quality of motivation through a medium that is not preachy, stressful or taxing, but is, instead, light, and has a fun way of driving that point home. After all, the best lessons are those that don't force us to learn, but teach us nonetheless. In this following section, we will look through some of the motivational games for the workplace as well as other groups.
Knot a Problem
Divide the group into teams that have equal members. Get the group to stand facing each other in a circle. At the blow of the whistle, all the members have to put out their hands and then hold the hand of another person. You cannot hold the hand of the person on either side of you. At the blow of the second whistle, stand back and check for the structure that has been formed with the entwining of your arms. The objective of the game is to entangle your hands and get back into the original circle like it was. There is a calculated time given for the same and the groups are supposed to work towards it. The group that manages to free themselves of the knots and form a circle, wins.
Building Blocks
The group is divided into varied teams and each team is given a set of building blocks. A model is prepared with these building blocks and the objective of the game is to duplicate that model. At the blow of the whistle, one member from each team comes forth and studies the model. He then goes back to the team and describes the model to them. The objective of the game is that the team has to duplicate the model based on the description that is provided by the person who studied the model. A calculated time is provided for the same and the team that manages to build a model that is as close to the original model, within the said time, wins.
Crossing the River
The group is divided into teams with equal members. Each team is given a set of 5 bricks of varying sizes. The objective of the game is that the members have to cross the 'river' with the help of the bricks and the finish line is marked some distance away. The hitch is that there are lesser bricks than the members. The game is played by placing one brick down on which the 1st member climbs then puts down the 2nd brick. On the 1st brick then, the 2nd member climbs and puts the 3rd brick behind him, on which the 3rd member climbs and puts down the 4th brick and so on till all the bricks are down. But there are still some members who haven't climbed on yet and that is where the expertise comes in. The members have to devise ways by which to cross the river without touching their legs to the floor (or they have to start all over again). The team that manages to cross the finish line first, wins.
Water Bowl
This is another highly motivational game for employees that has a whole lot of fun infused in it. Set up a table that has two bowls, one filled with water, the other empty and a small spoon. At the blow of the whistle, the person has to start emptying the full bowl into the empty one with the help of the spoon. The person that manages to do that first with the maximum amount of water, wins.
Handcuffed Gift
This is another simple and yet highly motivational game for groups. Divide the group into pairs and handcuff the right hand to the left hand of the partner. Then place a box, a gift wrapping paper and sticking tape on a table in front of them. The objective of the game is to wrap the gift with the free hands only. This is tougher than people think and takes a lot of skill and patience to make it happen.
The best part about these motivational games for groups is that they can be played in any scenario, in a formal set up as well as an informal set up and still carry through the motivating factor well enough. So all you need to do is check what you want to play these games for and then go on to use them well.
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