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5 Extremely Fascinating Motivational Games for Employees

Motivational Games for Employees
There are many motivational games for employees that you can choose from today and help improve the working environment in your organization. These games indeed motivate the employees and help them achieve better targets and perform better than expected. They're a perfect example of work and play!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Do you know why we require motivation? Have you ever wondered how and why we start performing better when our appraisals are nearing? It's an obvious fact that with better incentives, your employees will perform better, as they all do, in expectation of good monetary gains. However, there are times when all these things take a backseat, and employees just lose interest in their work. There is a layer of boredom and disinterest that just won't lift. At such times, motivational games for employees can be of some real good help. These games not only give a much-needed break from work, but they also help regenerate interest and motivation amongst the employees. Everyone needs motivation, even if they're the best at what they do. Motivating someone for long isn't easy but it's not impossible either. These games will surely help you motivate your employees to work better and with new-found interest.
5 Unique Motivational Games for Your Employees
State It!
Employee writing together
One of the best motivational games for employees is to make them write down their personal statement. The one who writes down the best personal statement wins the game. We all know how much written goals and targets motivate us. You can keep additional rules such as a minimum word count, or rejection/disqualification due to grammatical mistakes. You can also ask your employees to help you make an official mission statement for the organization. The winner would get his/her statement engraved on the notice board, or in the company magazine/brochure.
Role Exchange!
Employee meeting
Role exchange is one of the best ways to motivate a lot of employees together. We often underestimate the work other people do, or overestimate the work we do. A role exchange would be when everyone in the company (for a day) performs functions usually executed by other people. This would help the employees in understanding the efforts others have to take, and exactly how the team functions together. This would give employees a reality check of sorts, and motivate them to work better now, knowing the achievable results if everyone puts in the best, in their work.
Minute to Win It!
Colleague having fun
Minute to win it games motivate employees to work faster to reach their targets sooner, but also efficiently. If these games are performed in a group, it's even better as the employees can learn the value of strategy. They also understand how working as a team helps, and will motivate each other in the process. These games are easy to play and don't take much time as well; they're simple and helpful in their own way. Employees also understand the importance of time, and it motivates them to work faster, yet efficiently, to achieve better results.
Winning team
Who said you need different games to motivate your employees? Work can also be a game and a lot of fun too. Competition motivates everyone to perform better and we have economic theories to prove this, isn't it? Give all the teams respective targets as a part of this game and declare a reward for the winning team. Everyone will perform the best they can to win the reward. You can plan a series of such games throughout a time period and declare special prizes for people who have the most number of wins.
Learn Something New!
Employee learning fun skill
It is rightly said that learning never stops. Teach all your employees a new skill, and test them at the end of the session. The one who stands first, gets a reward. Make sure that this activity is more fun, than work. Teach them a new technique, a new practice; something they did not know before. It has to be something even they're keen on learning. This then, gets the nature of a game and as we all know, competition only makes the learning better.
Now that you know these motivational games for employees, you can try some of them to achieve a healthy atmosphere in your workplace, and to encourage your employees to perform better. These games help you in two ways: they incite employees, and also give them a much-needed break from everyday routine. They're certainly a great way to motivate your co-workers, that too without increasing their pay. They also help increase the quality of communication between employees. With so many benefits, they're a must, aren't they?
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