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Morale Boosters in the Workplace

Puja Lalwani Sep 30, 2018
The monotony of work, along with other factors, usually leads to poor employee performance and morale.
The best morale exists when you never hear the word mentioned. When you hear a lot of talk about it, it's usually lousy. - Dwight David Eisenhower
The more 'morale' is talked about, the more you are made aware of its lack. When they say 'actions speak louder than words', they really mean it, because instead of just talking about them, it is ideal to implement them without having to make them explicit.
A regular routine and the monotony of a job, often lead to low morale and spirits. When there is nothing to look forward to, apart from more piles of pending reports or documents, it can make employees lose their interest. At such a time, some effective morale boosters can make a world of a difference, and bring the best out of your employees.
Many employers think that just by giving a monetary reward, motivation can be enhanced, and a better output can be achieved.
Though money may hold importance in everyone's life, there are other gestures too that make a big difference in one's morale. This is not only going to boost their own confidence, but also is going to be a big plus for your business.

Take Your Employees Seriously

When we say take your employees seriously, we mean give them a chance to have a say in big decisions, weigh their suggestions, and use them as necessary.
Just assigning regular tasks may be all right for juniors, but those who have been a part of the organization for a long time, require something more challenging after a point.
This challenge can be provided when you have a good brainstorming session. Take their inputs, and ensure that every employee contributes his bit to the final output. Giving them this kind of a position is a great way of improving their morale, and will have them genuinely think for the betterment of the organization.


What goes around comes around. A lot has already been said about appreciation, but it has been repeated time and again, because the value of a word of appreciation cannot be matched to any other gesture. Appreciation for a job well done is extremely important and unless you don't give, you are not going to get much in return.

Cut Them Some Slack

A lot of bosses are under the impression that employees only want to avoid work, and for some particular reason, are adamant on bending the rules for their own convenience. While this may be true of some employees, for others, this may just be the way they can actually get their work done.
Everyone has a different working style. As long as your organization is not under a grave threat by their attitude or working style, and their ultimate performance is good, it is better to cut them some slack and get the best out of them, rather than having them work under a rigid framework.
Moreover, if they achieve their deadlines sooner than expected, the best you can do is give them the rest of their day off to relax.

Break the Routine

While office events may be a part of your monthly or bi-monthly schedule, sometimes just giving an employee or a team the day off is a great way to give them a break from all the work and deadlines they are worried about.
In fact, you can join them on a day out, where you may do anything you please; it could be going for drinks, or a bowling session, or just a game of poker in your cafeteria. As long as you don't remind them about work that day, and become one of them, you will be more than welcome to join the group.

Reinvent Their Space

Sometimes, all they need is to get out of their drab workplace and go to a brighter place to get their work done. If you think this is a referral to your drab office environment, then probably it's time to go for a makeover. You don't have to invest in expensive makeover strategies.
Perhaps you could just have a wall re-painted, or you could put up a notice board with interesting art invited from your employees. Put up interesting and humorous posters (skip the motivating ones, they've heard all of that before), or candid shots of employees during work. Ensure that these shots don't get them in trouble.
You could also simply have a blank wall where employees can doodle. This means jazzing up the space will also lead to jazzing up the employee morale and performance.

The Way to an Employee's Heart is also through his Stomach

When you have an upcoming deadline, and your employees are working until the wee hours, the least you can do is get them some good food to keep them going.
Whether it is a pizza or a sub, get them whatever keeps them happy. Ask them to take a break for a meal and not work while eating. Join them for dinner.
Also, make sure that when they are working late, you are around. They should never be under the impression that you have loaded them with work and are out yourself having a good time. Perhaps these kinds of sessions will have them looking forward to some more upcoming deadlines!
All these tips and tricks are definitely going to help. The importance of monetary rewards cannot be undermined, but any of these gestures make a huge difference in performance and morale. Just become one of them, understand, appreciate, and reward, and see how their individual output affects the final output of your organization.