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These Minute to Win it Office Games are a Total Stress Buster

Minute to Win it Office Games
Office games can prove to be great team building activity for your organization. Easy minute to win it office games can be real fun.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
There are plenty of easy games to play that require no special talent or expensive props. These ideas fit well into your budget and help you achieve your original goal of team building in your employees. If you take a glance at the list, you will realize that, these games are not only fun-filled, but also make the contestants apply their logical and analytical skills. What's more, most of these require use of easily available office supplies.
A very interesting challenge that involves placing binder clips on a slanted table in such a way that it resembles a pinball game. You need to place three binder clips in a line, then two, and one parallel to each other such that they form of a triangle. The challenge involves rolling a ping-pong ball down the slanted table such that it lands into the binder clips. The participant gets three chances to achieve this feat.
Office Fling
No, this does not involve getting into an office fling in literal sense. It involves using a giant rubber band stretched across the legs of a chair. Then, using this stretched rubber band, the contestants are supposed to launch a folded sheet of paper onto a table that is placed about 12 feet away.
Office Maximus
Although fairly easy, it sure involves a lot of talent. The participant has to bounce a giant rubber band ball on the ground such that it knocks off 2 reams of copy paper off a table. The table is placed about 16 feet away from the contestant.
Office Tennis
Tennis enthusiasts in your office? This game involves crumbling a piece of paper back and forth so that it lands in a trash can across the game area. This is a team activity where the players work together to hit the crumbled paper with the help of clipboards.
Speed Eraser
This is a challenging task where the participant has to bounce off 7 pencils into glasses. What's so challenging about bouncing pencils? You need to place each pencil on an eraser and then flip it into the glasses lined up.
Back Flip
Back flip involves placing a set of pencils on the back of the hand and then flipping them in air. The task involves catching all the pencils without a single one falling down.
These are a few easy 'Minute to Win it' games to play in an office party. As you can see, most of these involve use of office stationery. These will help to create healthy competition as well as a friendly environment within the office. Try out these games and have fun completing the tasks before the deadline of 60 seconds.