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Manas Resort: The Best Venue for Corporate Events near Mumbai

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 22, 2019
Corporate retreats can be hugely successful, depending on your venue. Manas Resort will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for your hard working team.

Convenient Location

Only 2 hours from Mumbai, Igatpuri’s Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is perched high among the Sahyadri hills. Whether it’s a company picnic, a business outing with clients, or an overnight retreat, Manas Resort is well-equipped to serve as your host.

Take a Break

Manas Resort can comfortably host about 500 guests in rooms, and has space for gatherings of over 2000 people in its sprawling lawns. Isolated from the daily grind, your team can unwind in nature and soak up the relaxing ambiance. Nothing like a fun picnic to break the ice and rejuvenate your employees.

Fun with Animals!

India’s first petting zoo, Manas Resort is home to socialized animals such as well-trained dogs and exotic birds, among many others. Your employees can even bring their own pets along. Quality time with four-legged friends is the ultimate stress-buster!

All-in-One Package

Manas Resort has so many activities and facilities to offer, that you won’t have to make participation mandatory. Your employees will be spoiled for choice: a variety of outdoor and indoor games, an infinity pool and waterfall to splash around in, parties, live music, scenic treks, and play areas for their kids.

Cultivate Team Spirit

Any corporate outing is incomplete without team-building activities and fun contests. The Manas staff will work with you to plan every event. Enjoy the freedom to get creative with your motivational training activities, and take this opportunity to instill your company’s values in your employees.

Get Some Work Done

You can conduct employee training seminars, workshops, presentations, board meetings, or closed-door brainstorming sessions in one of Manas Resort’s well-equipped, private conference rooms. You’ll be able to make some real progress – working in the cool-headed, relaxing vibes of the resort.
Manas Resort has several other best-in-class amenities including a variety of tasty dining options, free high-speed WiFi and even spa therapy, to facilitate a well-rounded vacation experience for all the guests.

With every guest’s unique needs taken care of, your team can spend the time bonding and getting to know each other.
Manas Resort is the break your workforce has earned. The shared memories employees make at such fun corporate retreats inspire them to keep working harder!