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Leave Letter Sample

Leave Letter Sample

Do you need to refer to a sample so that you can draft a leave letter correctly in order to apply for leave from your workplace? In this article, we give you an example of such a letter and the proper format for your reference.
Tulika Nair
Why is it important to draft a leave letter? The answer is simple; if you need to remain absent from work for some reason or the other, it is important that you inform your superior about the same. In such a scenario, it is important that you write a letter which is an official record of you having applied for leave for a certain period of time. A sample can guide you as to how such a letter should be drafted and what you need to keep in mind while writing a letter of absence.

The tone of this letter should always be formal. It should be brief and concise stating in very few terms why you need to take a leave, when this leave needs to be taken and how you intend to delegate your responsibilities for the period that you are absent. Take a look at any sample and you will notice that most tutorials will advise typing the letter. This is important as a handwritten letter is often illegible. It is possible that your organization has a strict leave policy that you need to adhere to. If this is the case then refer to these policies before drafting the final letter.

Before taking a look at a sample, it is important to understand the correct format, so that you are aware of the key pointers that need to be mentioned in a leave letter.


Your Name
Your Address


Name of Addressee
Name of Organization

Subject: Mention the reason for writing the letter


In the first paragraph of the letter mention the number of days you will be taking a leave for. Mention the exact date on which you want your leave to start and the date on which you will be resuming work. Give a valid reason for taking leave and explain the same in simple, clear terms.

In case you are taking a long leave of absence, then it crucial that you add details of any project that you are responsible for and also give your reporting head a status regarding the same. This will ensure that your superior is aware of your work schedule and has all the important information he needs. In case you are sharing the responsibility with someone or, have handed over the project to someone, then mention so in the letter.

Before you end the letter, ensure that you thank the addressee for considering your application for leave and give them your contact information in case of an emergency.


Yours sincerely
Your Name


Jennifer Grayson
319, Ebony Road
Elm Street
New York - 684586

Date: 5th September 2010

Joseph Perry
GNB Writing Studio
Reagan Boulevard
New York - 684738

Subject: Application for leave.

Dear Mr. Perry,

I wish to hereby apply for leave from the 15th of September, 2010 (Wednesday) till the 25th of September, 2010 (Saturday) as I have to go out of town for an important family function.

As discussed with you earlier, during this period, all the features articles will be edited and assigned by Mason Grant of the features team. He will be working closely with Mathew Clark who will be taking over the editorials for the ten day period. I have discussed this arrangement with the two of them and have informed them that you would be assisting them in case of any problems

Thank you for considering my leave application. In case of an emergency during the time I am on leave, I can be contacted on my cell phone (0937-3764-484) or my email (

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely
Jennifer Grayson

Drafting a leave of absence letter is very simple if you know what the proper format is. If you are still unsure about the same, you can refer to a sample.