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Lease Termination Letter

Lease Termination Letter

Lease termination letters are important to legally end you tenancy. Here is some information about lease termination letter.
Kundan Pandey
As a part of an obligation to the landlord, it's the responsibility of a tenant to inform the landlord that the tenant is not going to renew the lease. While you will help your landlord to start finding out for a new tenant, it will also ensure that you get your security deposit check timely. Lease termination letters come handy in informing your landlord about your plans. Although writing a lease termination letter doesn't require any creative writing skills, the tenant has to ensure that the letter is written in proper format and without any errors. Know more about some tips in the further paragraphs.

Tips for Writing an Effective Letter
Informing your landlord or commercial property owner about your plan to end a lease in a good idea. In fact, it is very important to inform your landlord about your plans ahead so that he and you, both can be free of any legal formalities regarding the lease. In the endeavor to write termination letter for the lease, you have to keep certain steps in mind. Here are some of those steps mentioned here:
  • Be specific about the date you are going to move out of the apartment. Don't say that "I will empty the apartment this week" or "within two weeks". Your landlord needs exact date and not guesses.
  • Ensure that you mention all the details of your lease like time period, charges, etc. so that your landlord is aware about any of your due credits or the money you haven't paid yet.
  • In case, you are leaving early before the end of termination lease, ensure that you are not subject to lease termination penalties and besides that you are ready to pay remaining amount and any additional fees incurred.
  • Ask your landlord to schedule a meeting with you in the apartment that you are leaving. The purpose of this meeting would be that you will let the landlord see the condition of the room or flat. If you have damaged any property or have spoiled his property, he may demand the repairing costs from you.
  • Fix a date when you will finally empty the apartment and will hand over the keys to your landlord. Also, make sure that you have given the landlord your contact number and address so that he can send your safety deposit checks or any future documents to you. Discuss this issue properly with your landlord.
Generally, lease termination letters are send 30 days prior to the expiration of the lease. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that he is able to inform the landlord about the details of lease ending. Although the landlord may also be aware about lease termination date, it is adequate for tenants to take the initial step. And in case, tenant is terminating the lease earlier, it's obvious that he should inform to the landlord. Here is an example of lease termination missive that will help you to understand the letter format in a proper manner.

Request for Ending of Lease
May 7th, 2012
123, Blue Hills Road
Massachusetts, 1828

Request: Information about end of lease for apartment 101, 102 Grand Road, Massachusetts

Dear Landlord,

This is to inform you that my tenancy of the above apartment is ending on 10th June 2010. I'm moving to Los Angeles as I have found a job in advertising field. I request you to be present on some day as per your comfort so that you can inspect the property and be satisfied with its condition. In case, you find any damage or spoiled area, I'm ready to pay all the repair costs. However, as per your instructions, I have always taken proper care of the house.

I'm moving to 5454, Good days road, Wise Apartments, New York - 5464, upon vacating. I request you to send all my future letters and legal documents after 13th June to my new address. For further discussions about my security deposit paycheck, please contact me on 9494-494-9949 on weekdays between 9 am to 9 pm.

Very truly yours,


Lease termination letters are considered to be a mark of professionalism and they are also a legal document for your address, in case of mishaps or accidents. Since your property is an asset for you, ensure that by maintaining and keeping a record of all bills, transactions and letters, you're legally strong in matters related to your property. On the day, you're supposed to leave the apartment, it is a good idea to show to the landlord that the property is maintained and there has been no damage to it from your side. This is very important to save yourself from legalities of paying repair money to the landlord.