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Learn From These Companies How to Treat Employees

Aigerim Berzinya Jun 16, 2019
Good employees keep the company running. Motivated employees make the company grow. Treat your employees well and keep them learning and improving their skills.
So many companies have started making the shift toward a friendlier work environment, placing employees as a top priority. These companies are often great places to work, and see high employee happiness ratings as a result of this focus.
Great workplace environments stem from different factors, including great benefits and an inclusive work community. Check out these examples of companies that do a great job of recognizing their employees and creating a platform for their success!

Giti Tire

Giti Tire is one of the top places to work in the automotive industry and is well rated for putting its employees first. Giti has an employee development program that trains its employees with state-of-the-art methods and a top-notch curriculum. This emphasis on training empowers their workers to do the best work possible.


Accenture is a business that provides consulting services to clients. One of the great things about working at Accenture is that they provide childcare and maternity benefits that far exceed typical workplace policies.

This family-centered business allows employees to have a great work-life balance that makes them happier and keeps them grounded.


As one of the most well-established technology companies in the world Microsoft has a great deal of resources for its employees. Some of these are focus on group recreation that harnesses power of teamwork and a sense of charity by giving back to local communities.

This sets Microsoft apart and makes employees want to work together as partners.


Flipkart is an online shopping service with many employees working remotely. This means the company can afford to provide very flexible working hours. Also, Flipkart offers generous relocation services so that employees can move if it benefits them.

Delta Airlines

This business is anything but stingy in terms of their travel benefits, as Delta provides airline miles as a major job perk. Also, Delta is known for valuing and listening to employee feedback.

This means Delta employees can truly feel that they are being heard.

Bain & Company

One thing that Bain & Company employees love about their workplace is the mentorship aspect that the company fosters. The direct relationships that employees can form allows all company members to grow and bond in a way that benefits them personally and benefits the company as a whole.

Taco Bell

Many people do not know about Taco Bell's great education support program. Taco Bell connects employees to a vast education network of online colleges and provides tution assistance for employees who wish to further their education. The company understands the value of school, and is generous in providing educational opportunities.


Between great training methods, impressive benefits packages, and dynamic communities, this list really contains a lot of positive work environments.

These companies understand that happy employees are the key to a successful company. After all, a company is nothing without its employees!