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Job Promotion Proposal Letter

Job Promotion Proposal Letter

Job promotion proposal letter is one of the most effective ways to express your interest to move up the career ladder in an organization. Let us take a look at this topic in detail.
Rahul Pandita
As the markets recover from the sub-prime crisis, new opportunities of employment are opening up in organizations. During recession, a lot of people were laid off, creating voids at different levels in the organizations. These voids need to be filled and companies prefer to promote internally rather than hiring individuals at higher positions externally. So, if you have been working with your organization for a long time and have displayed impressive performance, it is advisable to claim your due place to contribute to the organization in a better way. One of the accepted ways of asking for a promotion is a proposal letter. The job promotion letter gives you an opportunity to pen down your strengths and skills and presents a strong case for you.

There are people who think that asking for a promotion can create some misconceptions in the minds of the managers. Asking for a promotion without you qualifying for one may also look immature on your part as it is likely that your managers would not even entertain your request. For example, if you have a history of tardiness and absenteeism, asking for promotion would not yield any results. Some of the important points that you need to remember before asking for a promotion are;

To ensure that you are promoted, you need to be aware about your organization's short-term and long-term goals. This will help you in getting an insight into the kind of opportunities that will come up in near future. It will also help you in better preparation to ensure you are the ideal candidate for the job.
Analyze all the avenues before you ask for a job promotion. Apart from the obvious benefits such as a pay-rise and increase in stature, a promotion brings in additional responsibilities. Ask yourself if you are ready to handle the extra pressure that it will bring along. It is important to spare a thought for these factors before asking for a promotion.
Your belief that you have contributed to your company's development and have been an outstanding performer need to be backed by concrete proofs, such as certificates, medals or other documents. Expecting your manager to remember all this isn't really a great idea.
Colleagues who have been recently promoted can give you some valuable insight into the promotion process and can also help you with some tips on how to present yourself in a better way.

A Sample Letter

From: Richard Cullinan
Innovative Global Services
Bradley Street
Orlando - 324266

To: Mr. Craig White
Deputy Manager (Customer Service)
Innovative Global Services
Bradley Street
Orlando - 324266

Dear Mr. White,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your tremendous support and guidance because of which my last three years at Innovative Global Services have been absolutely wonderful. I have been working with the Customer Service department from the last three years and have had the opportunity of working in different positions on secondment.

However, I think that it is time that I use my expertise on a much larger scale and this letter of mine is a formal communication to you to consider me for the role of a Team Leader in the Customer Service department.

I would like to bring it to your notice that I started out as a customer service representative with this esteemed organization in the year 2008. Due to my exceptional performance, I was promoted as an Assistant Team Leader after completing one year. The job role involved working closely with the Team Leader, conducting team meetings, helping agents with their queries and handling escalation calls.

After spending a year as an Assistant Team Leader, I applied for the Internal Job Promotion process and was selected as a Quality Control Manager. The job role involved listening the calls taken by agents, providing feedback on how quality can be improved and monitoring their progress.

I have been grateful to my seniors and colleagues for their extended support and cooperation. The last three years have been a learning experience and have helped me immensely in my career. I think now it is time that I assume a more responsible role which will not only challenge me professionally but also help in contributing to the organization's progress. I assure you that I will keep working hard to deliver on the organization's expectations.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

James Clarke

Signature __________ (if handwritten)

It is one of the ideal ways of putting your point across to your superiors and bringing your accomplishments to notice. As we mentioned earlier, it is very important that you are aware about your standing in the organization as if your performance is not up to the mark, a proposal letter or any other proposal of any kind would be ineffective.