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Is Your Boss Hitting on You?

Is Your Boss Hitting on You?

You think there is something fishy with the way your boss is addressing and treating you lately. If you start to sense that your boss is acting unprofessional and being personal, your boss could be trying to hitch with you. Flattering or Scary?? Read more...
Foram Mehta
This article is meant for all those who doubt the kinder behavior of their bosses. Though, it's flattering to know that you are being hit on by your boss. But is it actually cool? Your boss hitting on you, can prove to be discomforting and distracting even though it's a confirmation that you are attractive.
All women have strong basic instincts, and that is why they are said to have the sixth sense. A woman will soon sense the flirtatious vibe around her, when anyone is trying to do so. However, it's not always the case that a man is hitting on a woman. It could totally be the other way round. But the difference would be that a woman is more powerful when it comes to expressions, she might give you a hint or two but after that she can be direct enough to ask you out. It could be a little complex for a man to understand if his female-boss is hitting on him. Women are mysterious! They usually prefer being asked out by men instead of making the first move. So, you could receive many hints from her too, till she loses patience. However, the signs given below are generic.
10 Signs to Know that Your Boss is Hitting on You!
If you get any of the hints listed below, from your boss, be sure your boss is hitting on you!
1. Calling You Constantly on Your Cell

Of course! Your boss is going to call you to get in touch with you in case you are not at work or you are out and something important needs to be discussed or to keep you informed. That's absolutely normal! But, I am talking about being constantly called; first for work and then later extending the conversation to personal things. Also, if your boss calls you late at night and asks you questions like, 'What are you doing?' or 'Did you have dinner?' or 'Are you enjoying work?', etc., which are absolutely professionally-irrelevant, then get the hint, your boss is trying to get close to you.
2. Asking You to Work Late

If your boss has asked you and only you to wait back at office, for some work, you probably should confirm what work is your boss talking about. If this is happening to complete some targets, your boss is certainly not hitting on you. However, if there is no work to do, then switch-on your sixth sense and you will get to know if your boss asked you to wait back only to spend sometime with you.
3. Taking Interest in Your Personal Life

Your boss will anyway know a decent-bit about your personal life, not in detail though. He/she could ask you personal questions, if you are new at work, to know more about your character and personality. That's acceptable and understandable. But if your boss starts asking you questions like, 'Do you have a boyfriend?' or 'Are you seeing anyone?' or after seeing the 'ring' in your hand, something as direct as 'Your spouse is lucky to have you!', he/she is certainly hitting on you. And adding 'Tell me more!' to the conversation is such an unsubtle-hint. You can't miss it!
4. Showering You With Compliments

Women are suckers for compliments! A single compliment has the power to make a woman's day (where ever it comes from). And women! Trust me, men are totally aware of this. Receiving compliments like 'Great Work, keep it up!' or 'Well done, bravo!' from your boss is motivating. But when you start to hear compliments like 'You look beautiful tonight!' or 'You look ravishing in this dress!' or even 'Nice shoes!' or 'Nice tie!', pretty often, you should be alarmed. The only thing a boss cares about is, the work you do, how you do it. So get the hint!
5. Getting Physically Intimate

Physical intimacy at work? Yeah! That certainly sounds cheesy but we all know that it happens. Though, there is not much of an option to depict PDA at work but, if your boss is interested in you for purpose other than work, you might realize that your boss is trying to get intimate with you. Your boss can make subtle movements like patting your back, keeping his/her hand on your shoulder or can even go to the extent of holding your hand. This is the time, when you should be left with no doubt in your head. If you are not interested in your boss and you have got the hint clearly, you need to stop your boss, immediately.
6. Revealing Confidential Details

If you are not a P.A. why does your boss even need to reveal his/her personal information to you? Personal information could mean giving out family details or sharing her/his relationship-history, letting you know about how much wealth he/she owns (Just an attempt to see, if you slip in). Even saying things like 'I feel so alone.' or 'I miss that someone special in my life', which are absolutely not-your-business, your boss could be trying his/her luck on you, by emotionally involving you or by checking your reaction when he/she says 'I am alone'.
7. Doing Favoritism

If your boss is all gaga about you, either you have actually proved your self at work and that's the fruit you are reaping for, or your boss is merely trying to please you. If your boss is only trying to please you, you will be appreciated for general things, but even then your name will be put forward in every up-coming lead by him. You will need to assess this yourself, do you deserve it or is it just being rained on you! However, the main intention behind these favors are getting favors in return. You are showered with favors so that you have no scope for denial, when your boss wants those favors back. You may take the attention you are receiving as a pleasure or you may also be afraid of losing your position, if you want to point blank say 'NO'. Thinking on these lines are fine, but nothing is greater than your self respect and your wishes, not even your boss. So decide timely and whatever your decision is, indicate it clearly.
8. Giving Sudden Perks

You check your salary slip or your bank account balance, and you realize that there are more dollars than usual or that a few dollars have not been deducted from your salary, when you had almost taken a week off. Just before you are about to thank your boss and God, figure out why those perks have been offered. It may mean that the perks you are receiving are not genuine, and an effort is being made to buy you.
9. Showering Gifts

We all love receiving gifts. Especially if, you have received a gift from our boss for a good performance. But receiving random gifts accompanied with a statement like, 'I got this for you, but keep this between the both of us' and you know what your boss has in store for you. Obviously, what you do about it and how you handle it absolutely your choice.
10. Peacocking

According, to me this is the sweetest hint to know that someone is hitting on you. Why? Because the person is making a very genuine effort to blow you away with his/her appearance. This is a subtle act and is not disturbing nor annoying. It's like 'I hope you notice me!'. If you see a sudden change in the way your boss has lately started to dress, and if it is appealing, you will know that it is to impress someone. Now, is that someone you or not, is a question that you will have to get an answer for.
I have only mentioned the hints that you can get and expect, when your boss is trying to hit on you. But how you want to revert is something that I leave to you. If you are not in love with someone else and your boss is hot, gorgeous, intelligent, compatible and obviously rich, you could consider taking the professional relationship to a personal level. In fact, you can also consider having a relationship with your boss, even if he/she has one of the above qualities. However, the most important thing is to know the repercussions of doing so. It could cost you your career, mental peace and freedom. Think well and then go ahead. Suit yourself, but be rational. If you start to feel uncomfortable or conscious about the fact that your boss is hitting on you, do something to repel the attraction, as "No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly." - Oscar Wilde.
If you are sure that you are not romantically-interested in your boss 'at all' or if your boss is a philander or obstinate or libidinous, then in the sweetest, subtlest and the most warmest way indicate that, you are crazily in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Even if you are currently single, think of Megan Fox or Ashton Kutcher, make up a love story to die for and narrate it to your boss. If you are attractive and sensuous, it's not your fault, that's the way God has made you!