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Indoor Team Building Games That Teach the Value of Teamwork

Indrajit Deshmukh Nov 3, 2018
Team building games are one of the fun ways to explore and educate the importance of leadership, patience, and cooperation.
Whenever you are working in an organization, it is beneficial to work as a cohesive unit than trying one-upmanship. It doesn't matter how many people are there in an organization; it takes only two people to make a team.
It has been observed that if everyone working under the same umbrella is aligned to the vision and mission of the company, it can be achieved with comparative ease. Many organizations are waking up to this fact and are having team building games to enhance the in-house coordination.
If you feel that you need to have an activity inside the office, which will propagate the importance of sportsmanship, try some indoor games.
Whenever this aspect comes to mind, the idea of having fun follows. Although such activities can be fun, you have to remember that they are for a specific purpose and it must be achieved.
Follow three simple steps before you start with any activity. First chart out the mission, why are you having the activity; second, plan everything properly; and last, execution to achieve the mission should be perfect. Here are some of the games you could try to get a good ROE (Return on Efforts).

Blindfold Architect

If your mission is to bring out leadership, cooperation, and time management amongst team members, the blindfold architect is one of the best indoor activities for youth. In the planning phase, get a medium-difficulty-level geometrical diagram off the Internet.
The next step is to take the printouts of the diagram in such a way that it is divided into different parts, and when brought together, forms a complete picture. In the execution stage, divide the participants in two groups, and give each group member a piece of the diagram to memorize.
Once this is done, show them the complete diagram and ask them to draw their piece on the board, and they have to do this blindfolded. To check coordination, the participant who is blindfolded can be helped by the other teammates.
They can give him direction, as well as decide amongst themselves, who will draw which piece. The game will be timed and the group with the best time will, obviously, be the winner.

Redecorating the Office

If your mission is centered around following orders and using innovative ways for client satisfaction, redecorating the office is one of the better games for adults. When planning this activity, ensure that you have an empty office space and a couple of pieces of furniture.
Executing it as part of employee motivation is fairly easy; divide the participants in two teams and ask each of the two to give the other group a set of ideas on how they want the office to be decorated. For example, team A tells B how they would like their office to be decorated.
Now, it is up to A to use the pieces of furniture, innovative ideas, and the space they have to ensure client satisfaction, which is in this case, B. Once A has completed the task, they can tell B how they want their office and group B will have to comply.
Do not give any instruction to the teams about their limitations or guidelines to complete the task. Observe which team is more innovative and cooperative while completing the task; you can be the judge.

Improvisational Theater

One of the most loved activities by many, it aims at enhancing learning, developing solutions, and improving the ability to work together in any given circumstance.
The main element of this game is a title, which is provided to each group for their play that mainly focuses on day-to-day challenges and issues dealt with, in life or at work.
Each of them is then provided with specific time for preparation and rehearsing their play. Each team then performs and the one that stands out in terms of coordination, theme, use of props, and direction is declared as a winner.
Team-building games are a good way to learn about group dynamics, and it is also a great avenue for group assessment.
Some other activities that can also be a fun way to stress the importance of effective communication and self-development include hula hoop circle, balloon balance, hit the mark, group juggle, quiz, scrap decoration, debates, etc.