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Human Resource Management Outsourcing

Human Resource Management Outsourcing

Human resource management is a very popular field and has increasing impetus, ranging at different levels. This has given rise to outsourcing of HRM. Read on to know more about it.
Rashida Khilawala
Human resource management, in my opinion, is one process that makes sure that the passion and zeal of the employees stays put throughout their tenure in the organization. It may seem very easy to keep the motivation and performance up at all times, as well as make sure that the cost per employee is maintained at the lowest. Well, it so is not! Not one bit. Hence, many organizations, as per current trends, outsource certain HR processes just to make sure that a certain degree of decentralization of work is maintained.

There are four basic aspects of human resource management outsourcing.

This is the most popularly outsourced process of HRM. The firms recruit individuals on the basis of the nature, requirement and culture of the organization. They conduct the resume checks and the basic eliminations. Most organizations prefer that the final recruitment interviews are taken by, or in the presence of, the in-house HR or the CEO.

Nonetheless, the footwork, strategies, questionnaire development and the general feel of the interview rounds are all taken care of by the firm itself. This procedure has to be done flawlessly to make sure that the right employees are recruited, and the right impression is given out about the organization as well. After all, the first impression is the last one!

Compensation Packages
Considering that the firm takes care of the recruitment for the organization, they also work out the compensation packages. One has to admit, money is the most obvious and basic motivation for any employee, whether they admit it or not. So the package has to be crafted well! Ordinarily, the organization provides the firm with the general per employee budget.

In accordance to that budget, the firms works out the basic salary, incentives, health benefits, conveyance allowances, dearness allowance and probation policies. It is not a very simple task considering that there are several central and state policies to adhere by whilst each of these are decided.

Motivation and Morale Strategies
During the employees tenure, there are many times when there is a requirement to egg them on a little bit, to push their performance toward the better. As such, every organization, big or small, follows strategies that govern the general motivation and morale boosting activities.

These activities cannot be conducted in any organization by outside entities. As such the strategies are sculpted by the firm and the implementation is done by the in house HR executives. In case, it is a very exuberant event, like a conference, then the firm joins hands with the in house executives and manager for the implementation as well. But, this differs from deal to deal.

Exit Interviews
During the tenure of the employee, a record of their performance and behavior is maintained. This record, under most circumstances, is also kept with the firm. During the end of tenure for any reason, like retirement, resignation or termination, these details are referred to.

The firm conducts the exit interview, which, is mandatory for any corporate. This is the last phase in the cycle of the association between the firm and the organization regarding that employee.

These 4 absolutely simple-seeming steps are the basic and vital constituents of any employee's life in the organization. So it is absolutely clear, HR, whether in-house or outsourced is essential and significant for smooth running of any organization.