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Howard Fensterman - Lawyer, Businessman, and Philanthropist

Learn more about Howard Fensterman’s interests and specializations.
Modern Times Jun 12, 2019
Based in New York, Howard Fensterman has become well known in a broad range of arenas. Although he leads as a lawyer and businessman, his passions are as varied as his resume. Fensterman has made a name for himself in three verticals: law, business, and philanthropy.

Howard Fensterman — Lawyer

Howard Fensterman is one of several managing partners at a law firm in NYC focusing on business litigation. This is why he’s best known for his role in law.

With a J.D. from Georgetown, his jurisdiction includes New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey. He has helped large and small clients.

Howard Fensterman — Businessman

In addition to his successes in law, Howard Fensterman is also a prominent businessman. His business acumen makes him particularly well-suited to helping corporations, partnerships, and other businesses with their legal needs.

This skill set that has made him a go-to litigator for all sorts of business cases, from partnership agreements to settlements.

Howard Fensterman — Philanthropist

Howard Fensterman’s record of success is paired with a love of giving. As a philanthropist, he is committed to bettering the health of all. He serves on the board of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Howard Fensterman Charities provides contributions for a variety of causes, including mental health and elder care.
As passionate as he is successful, Howard Fensterman has made a name for himself in the worlds of philanthropy, business, and law.

In all areas, he brings both love and care to his work, focusing on bettering the lives of others in all he does. The result has been a career full of meaningful contributions to society.