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How to Write an Increment Letter

How to Write an Increment Letter

Writing an increment letter requires some clear thinking and knowledge of exactly what you want and how much you want. Here's some help that tells you how to write one effectively to get that much-deserved raise.
Puja Lalwani
It's been a while since you joined your company, but you haven't seen any sign of a raise. Perhaps it is now time to ask for one yourself. However, remember that asking for a raise is an extremely sensitive issue that has to be dealt with carefully. In fact, a lot of experts suggest waiting for the annual review where raises are decided, and not rushing into asking for a raise. In any case, if you think it is high time that you should go ahead and ask for an increment, it is a good idea to first communicate your desire through a letter rather than verbally. It gives your boss time to think things through, to review the justification you have provided for deserving a raise, and finally setting up a meeting with you to discuss the matter further. So that you write a letter that truly brings about a change, here are some tips and an example on writing one.

Sample Letter Requesting an Increment

Perhaps your first thought when you write such a letter is that if it is not heeded to, you will quit. This is the biggest mistake made by most employees. No matter how much you have contributed to an organization, and how much you think you are valuable, employers are capable of finding suitable and even better replacements. So shove this thought out of your mind and don't even think of including it in the letter. First learn about company policies so that you are aware of exactly when you should be asking for a raise. As mentioned earlier, various companies have various policies regarding increments. Others have policies regarding the manner in which an increment should be requested. Either way, these policies should be followed.

Next, ensure that you provide a valid justification of why you deserve a raise. Include pointers regarding how you have benefited the company in several ways, and how this makes you eligible for an increment. It could be a recent project that you single-handedly completed, or your overall positive performance during your tenure. It could also be the extra hours you have worked or the improvement you have brought about in the teamwork and its functioning within the organization.

Remember, as pay increases, so do responsibilities. Be prepared for these. Further, ask for these in the letter so that your boss knows that you are willing to do better and justify the pay. Negotiations are an important part of the process of asking for a raise. You have to be reasonable and diplomatic. Find out the prevailing salaries for your position and request for a raise accordingly. Any unreasonable figures will not be entertained or even taken seriously.

Finally, request a meeting for further discussion in the letter so that there can be some form of discussion regarding the increment. The letter will give you and your boss time to think things through and present a solid case. Having explained these tips, here is a sample of an increment letter that you can use as a reference.


Dear Ma'am/Sir,

I have been working with the organization for over 2 years now, and have been grateful for every opportunity it has provided me to achieve my professional goals. I hope that your organization also considers me an important member of its team who has helped achieve several important goals and deadlines.

Some of my recent achievements include:
  • Completing an important project (name of project) within the short deadline provided to us
  • Enhancing team working abilities by encouraging them in every manner possible
  • Using my extensive knowledge and experience in the field to provide numerous inputs in recently challenging situations
  • Working as efficiently even without a team demonstrated in the highly stressful situation towards the end of the financial year
  • Working extra hours to achieve my goals and meet important deadlines
I believe these achievements qualify me for an increment in my salary, which has remained the same since the beginning of my employment with you. I have been led to believe that you are also satisfied with my services and performance, based on which I am hoping you will sincerely consider the request.

I am sure I will continue to perform well even after the raise and will be able to efficiently handle the responsibilities that come along with it. I request you for a meeting on any convenient date to discuss the increment I desire along with further responsibilities that will be handed over to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to demonstrating my abilities and justifying the increment you will grant me.



This letter may be modified based on your requirements. Just remember that it is you who needs the raise, so you have to handle the entire situation diplomatically. Hopefully this sample will enable you to write a suitable one yourself, and help you get the increment you truly deserve.