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How to Motivate Employees During a Recession

How to Motivate Employees During a Recession
In situations other than recession, it is relatively less difficult to motivate employees. Recession is a difficult period for employers too, but if you at a higher position of responsibility, you should be able to motivate your team of workers at the time of crisis. Learn some ways to do so.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
On a negative note, the danger of recession looms large over the current work force. Losing their job is the biggest fear for employees during this period, and it is but obvious as mass layoffs have become the norm during a recession or during any economic crisis. During a recession, the drive to work in the employees is crumpled; it does not matter if the firm is affected by the recession or not. To keep them productive and willing to work, declaring bonuses or an increment in the pay are some popular methods that employers use. It is a general opinion that motivation in monetary terms has a short-lived effect. There are plenty of other factors that count to keep the employees driven, be it any situation and any point of time.
Keeping your Employees Motivated
A recession impacts the atmosphere of the entire workplace. Motivating employees during this period could prove to be a real tough task for anyone who has this responsibility; generally, it is the CEO. It is also true that, if employees work enthusiastically during this period, who knows, the organization might recover from the crisis without any major damage. Remember, to motivate your employees, you need to be an optimist in your talk, and also in your body language.
Understand Your Workforce
What is it that drives employees? No, it is not a heavy paycheck every time. It is job security. Being valued at the workplace and stability are of significance to any employee. During a recession, rumors of lay-offs are quite common, and they in turn add to the insecurity among workers. Thus convey to them to not believe in the circulating stories of job loss or business downturn. The best thing you can do to counter this negativity in employees is by addressing the issue through direct communication.
Money is not the Only Way
Many corporations use appraisals as a means to motivate employees, but this method of motivation does not work in the long run, be it any case. Yes, appraisals do work for many, but to a certain extent. In the end, it is being valued for the work they are doing that is important for employees.
Communicate with Employees
Communicate with your employees on a one to one basis and discuss with them the various company policies that are being planned to counter the recession. Do not talk in a negative tone, and let your employees know that if they take effort, the company can survive/recover from the current crisis.
Involve them in the Process
Generally, there is a change in the business processes during a recession and it requires a lot of brain storming by all those involved. You should involve employees in the process and listen to their feedback and opinions. Through this, they will feel valued and the zeal to work will return.
Build Commitment
Businesses falter during a recessionary period and the enthusiasm to work is lost, as a person would not want to be a part of an organization that is not earning profits. The organization would also not want to lose its valued workforce and would want them to contribute the best at such difficult times. Some measures are thus required to keep the employees all enthused at the workplace. Assign them work that presents a challenge to them. This will keep them propelled to work.
Expert Workshops
The least you can do to motivate the employees is organizing workshops or skill enhancement activities. Speeches by motivational business speakers do have a positive impact on them, and helps them in coping with the situation better by encouraging positive thinking.
A recession is indeed a difficult period as only the strongest who fight survive with less damage. Coping with recession requires team work and a positive spirit in the employees. If all of them give their hundred percent, it would become a lot easier for any organization to survive a recession.
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