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How to Manage Employees

Stephen Rampur Sep 30, 2018
Generally, people who have just stepped into managerial positions wonder how to manage employees effectively. There are many solutions to this question depending on the situations which are described here.
People who are working in high managerial positions are inevitably supposed to know how to oversee employees. Nowadays, the lack of this skill effectively has become a major concern in the corporate world. This is an important reason for reducing employee retention.
There are very few managers in the business world under whom employees are truly happy. Such managers are in high demand by most companies.

In Times of Change

Managing employees in a time of change is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. This is because most workers resist a business change. A change is a time when employees might have to face difficulties and hardships in their job.
Under such circumstances, they do not care about how their managers work or how good are their relations with them. In such cases, the best thing to do is to advise his subordinates and workers regarding how the change will have a positive effect on their skill enhancement and profitability of the business.

Difficult Employees

It is generally very difficult to find people who can peacefully work in a team. And for the productivity of the whole practice, team work is very significant.
In many situations, the manager has to bring leadership into play for workers who are unable to understand the importance and need for cooperation. Such problems should be confronted directly.
The problem worker needs to be informed that he is causing trouble. This may be done verbally first, and then in writing, if necessary. One may even take the help of a third person or anyone close to the problem employee to make him understand the problem caused by his behavior. Make sure that the necessary action taken by you is fair.

Employees in Remote Locations

Today's work processes and procedures largely include a manager and his employees working in different locations. In such cases, it is very difficult to keep an eye on the workers in person.
Motivation is the most important tool that can be used for getting the most out of them. If they are motivated enough, they themselves will carry on their work smoothly without the need of the manager interfering in their assignments and deliverables.
Maintain good communication via email or phone in order to receive work updates, project details, and important information. You also need to introduce an effective reporting system for receiving information via email about the daily work done. You may even use video conferencing periodically, to conduct a conference for business communication.

Employees with a Bad Attitude

A manager should not directly tell workers with such an attitude about changing their view towards work. He may conduct some effective motivation and team building programs, which will get rid of the bad attitude.
If employees still persist with a wrong attitude, he may create situations that would make them really think about their way of working, and what the company expects out of them.
There are many ways that can be used to efficaciously supervise and oversee workers, which would surely have a positive effect on the performance. To become an effective manager, you need to possess the necessary skills. However, after earning experience over time, you would be able to learn how to manage employees in the best way.