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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Carol Evenson Oct 1, 2019
Here are a few ways for you to ensure that your employees are happy and that your company is a great place where your employees would really want to work, with all their hearts.
Everyone has a day where they just don't want to go to work. However, no one should have to dread getting out of bed each day. Unhappy employees are most likely not going to be as productive as people who enjoy work.
Therefore, it is important to make sure you have good workplace morale. Here are a few ways to ensure your employees are happy and your company is a place where people want to work.

Provide Recognition

People like being acknowledged for their work. In elementary school, teachers give out stickers to recognize when a child does a good job. While adults don't need a gold star for a job, it is nice to let them know that you notice their hard work.
Many companies do this by showcasing "employee of the month". However, it can be as simple as sending email or commenting in the work room.

Allow Work/Life Balance

One of the biggest struggles is finding the work/life balance. You may be asking yourself why do people hate hr? It's because they have to miss their child's recital because of an upcoming presentation they need to prepare for or work through holidays and miss family.
Eventually, stress catches up. You can end up with very unhappy employees who start resenting work. They may even end up leaving the job, resulting in a higher turnover rate. Let employees know that you want them to have a life outside office. Try offering a flexible schedule if possible.

Listen to Feedback

The best way to figure out what employees want is to ask them. Check in regularly to see how things are going. Ask them what they need from you. If they give feedback, take it to heart. You won't be able to accommodate everyone's needs all the time, but you can get valuable information and implement that at the workplace.
You can also use this opportunity to find out what kind of team building activities people would like to see. Ask what they want for the holiday party and use their suggestions.

Set Clear Expectations

Nothing frustrates an employee more than having to rework because expectations weren't clear initially. There should be no confusion on what is expected each day on the job. When a new hire comes in, have a detailed, written list of job responsibilities and work place rules and procedures.
Go over each item and clear any confusion. Let employees know what they can expect from you. Keep communication open and check in regularly. Address any issue immediately so that a bigger problem isn't created. Change is necessary, but try to stay consistent whenever possible.

Plan Something Fun

It's important to have fun at the office sometimes. Team building activities are a great way for people to know each other. You can also plan gatherings outside, that are optional for people to attend.
Planning occasional events that allow people to bring their families along can really help boost morale as well. You can also try doing ongoing contests or games throughout the year to make the office more fun.
Keeping employees happy can be a full time job. While it may seem easier to let things go upfront, having a high turnover rate can actually be detrimental to a company. Having a good work place morale is good for everyone and attracts more qualified candidates.
When in doubt on what to do, listen to your employees and show that you care.