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How to Get Over a Bad Day at Work

How to Get Over a Bad Day at Work

We start a day with good hope and happiness before leaving for work. But the day doesn't always end happily like you want it to be. Read on to know how to make the best of a bad situation.
Suganya Sukumar
Not all of us are blessed with good jobs. Even though many companies provide good infrastructural and technological facilities, most of us miss a big essential element in our workplace, that is, PEACE. When peace is taken away from you, you cannot work efficiently or live your day happily. There are various factors in your office that contribute to making your day bad. It may be more workload or even mental stress given by your boss. Nowadays, workplace incivility is a very big problem, not only in corporate sectors, but also in various other companies ranging from public to private sector. It is a fact that boss and workplace colleagues are the main causes for making a bad day at work. But there are also several factors such as workplace environment, inefficiency to do the work, complicated tasks etc., that causes you trouble and depression at workplace.

Surviving a Bay Day at Office

Take a Break from the Office Environment
Change of environment is a good solution to feel better. You can take a break and have some snacks, coffee or tea, outside your office campus. After taking a break, you can start your work peacefully. If you need company, you can call a friend and go out with him/her. Having your lunch or dinner in your favorite restaurant will make you feel good.

Talk to Good Friends Around You
Chat with your colleagues who are really good and understanding. Talk to them for sometime on some different issues because it is better not to brood over the same problem which is causing you sick. But if you are a person who always craves for sympathy from someone, you can tell your problems to other friends at your office. Personally I think, it is not good to share your problems with other friends, unless he/she is a trustworthy good friend of yours.

Make Use of the Web
Nowadays most companies provide high speed Internet services to their employees. If there is no constant monitoring or strict restrictions against Internet usage, you can read some interesting comics or blogs for relaxation.

Talk to Your Loved Ones on the Phone
It is not that everybody is near to home. Not staying close by and being far away from parents and loved ones always leaves a vacuum in one's life. So, when someone or something is causing you trouble in office, you might feel better if you share your problems with your parents, wife or husband over the phone. They might help you to find a solution to your problem and boost your confidence, because they are the ones who can understand you more than anyone else.

Listen to Soft Music
Carry your music players, and listen to your favorite songs. It is better not to listen to heavy music, when you feel distressed in office.

Change your Project
If the project in which you are working is complicated or if you are not able to complete the task, get help from your friends in the office. Otherwise, you can change the project and come back to it, when you feel relaxed.

  • Do not openly disclose your official problems to anyone or everyone, as it may come back to you in a bad form.
  • When you are in stress due to your work problems, do not talk to bad elements in your office, because such people will really aggravate your annoyance further.
  • Do not bad mouth a problem causing person, it's better to get rid of the sight of the person before he/she triggers you to do so.
  • Do not insinuate yourself and give chances for others to tease you in your office.
It is often difficult to tolerate your boss is pissing you off and some irritating co-workers getting on your nerves. If you consider your work as a real burden, and if you don't have any genuine reason to stick to your current job, it is better to find your way out. But see to it that, your career is not affected by the decisions that you take in haste. Remember, it is hard to find a place or office without bad people and problems around you. So, it is better to learn to fight against the problems rather than running away from them.
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