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How to Develop the Basic Managerial Skills With Great Outputs

Puja Lalwani May 12, 2019
Whether you want to become a manager or already are one, you have to display some very important managerial skills to justify your position. How do you develop managerial skills then? Here's a look.
Your exemplary performance as an employee and a great team player got you to the position of a manager. A position that is highly coveted, being a manager is no piece of cake.
While you were responsible for your own work before you became a manager, you are now responsible for what your team does. You will be judged by the capacity and output of your team, not your own performance.
You have already proven how good you are. You now have to prove how you can develop those qualities in your team, for which you require to develop certain managerial skills.

Learn to Respect Your Colleagues

Be it your equals or your subordinates, you have to learn how to respect every one of them. Respect begets respect and will get your team to take you seriously when you ask something of them. Treat them like mere subordinates and you will only be abusing the power that has been bestowed in your hands.
Respecting your colleagues also means allowing them to put forth their point of view and considering it in the process of goal achievement. Your job is to consolidate ideas and have them executed irrespective of who suggested them.

Master the Art of Healthy Communication

In any organization, effective communication is absolutely essential. At a managerial position, it is your job to ensure that you are a good communicator so that your team understands you and produces the kind of output you expect them to.
Be clear, be precise, and don't expect them to just 'understand' things because they are so simple. Communication also involves listening skills, and as a manager, you have to be able to listen to everyone effectively so that you are able to bring about a positive change in your work environment.

Be Attentive

Just because you are at a higher position, you cannot hand over the reigns to your team while you sit back and relax in your new office. You know you have been there, where a problem is required to be discussed with your manager, or when you need a green signal to execute a particular task.
You have to be attentive and you have to be around so that you can help your team deal with the problems that they encounter in the process of executing a project. It is also your job to review their work and provide feedback so that they may continue with their work.

Provide Constructive Criticism

As a manager, your job is to be able to provide criticism that will help an employee make positive change, rather than hinder her/his progress due to failed confidence.
You have to allow your team to make mistakes, as that is the only way they will learn. A good manager is one who allows every member of her/his team to develop her/his own identity in spite of putting in group effort.

Be Organized

Organization is an essential aspect of being a good manager, and it is a skill that you must possess to function well. Multi-tasking is going to have to be your forte, so the sooner you start planning your time and organizing yourself, the better it will be for you to move higher up the ladder.
Managerial skills also require decision-making abilities, problem solving skills, analytical skills, skills that involve critical thinking, social skills, team building skills, and healthy interpersonal skills.
All these and more will help you lead a team effectively. Also remember that leading by example is the best way to lead any team to success. It is developing these managerial skills that will help you go ahead.