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Have a Bossy Co-worker? No Worries. This is How to Deal With Him

How to Deal With a Bossy Co-worker
Tired of having a co-worker always in your face telling you what to do and what not to do? This post is an answer to your woes and gives you easy ways on how to deal with a bossy co-worker.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
In every office you will find some people who always try to boss around, dominate, and interfere in your work. Dealing with such people is actually very easy if you use the right approach. They are easy to spot out as there are many tell-tale characteristics of bossy and dominating people. These people like to give their opinions on every little thing, whether it is pertaining to your work, remotely related to it, or sometimes not at all related to your work. They are the sort, who love to order you around and make sure you do things the way they want you to do. The domination at work starts when, one of your co-workers starts demanding that you do things his way. It can be either professional (related to work), or personal (something as simple as getting him coffee every morning).

So the main question is how to deal with such people? You cannot quit your job as you will come across bossy co-workers in every office. Instead, you should stand your ground and show them you are not going to take their nonsense. Given in this Workspirited article are easy tips and tricks on how to handle such people. Please note that all the suggestions given below should be executed in the most professional and graceful manner. Abusing and backbiting about your co-worker is of no use, so it should not be indulged in. Some of these suggestions may sound childish but they do work very well.
Tips on Dealing with Pseudo Bosses
Avoid Conversations
Avoid Conversation
The best thing you can do is just avoid your bossy co-worker. Stay out of his way at all times and do not try to make any conversation with him on your own. If he comes to you, which he surely will, do not be over friendly with him and offer to help him out. Do not make yourself an easy target or give any indication that you are easy to boss around. Stand your ground and give off an I am not interested in your so-called advice kind of a vibe. If he is smart, he will get the hint and leave you alone. When he gives you suggestions, respond by giving him vague monosyllabic answers.
Be Polite
Be Polite
The easiest way to tell someone to back off, without being rude, is to smile and tell them you have everything under control. If they still insist on giving you orders or suggestions on how to do your work, keep your cool and tell them politely you're capable of performing the tasks assigned to you. Make sure to be very subtle, otherwise it will be obvious that you are being rude. However, you should be able to judge whether their suggestions are really good enough to consider.
Sometimes, your pseudo bosses may corner you during your coffee or smoke break to give you instructions on your newly assigned tasks. They start droning on about how they would have done the assignment. In a scenario like this, politely excuse yourself from the conversation, as you are not obligated to follow their advice. Do not be rude, but be firm and assertive and make your points clear. Try to take the positive points from the suggestions given to you, and always remember to keep your cool.
Be Firm
Be Firm
When your co-worker does not get the hint that you are busy, and still insists on giving you orders in the guise of suggestions and advice, you need to stand up to him. Put your foot down whenever necessary as you do not want to be dominated and taken for granted at your workplace. Whenever a bossy personality hovers around your work like an interfering fly, you need to tell him off. Convey firmly and in a no-nonsense tone that you do not want any disturbances and interruptions when you're working. However, do not let your frustration get in the way of being assertive. Make it clear to him that if you need any help, you will ask for it. In spite of this, if he doesn't respond and change his behavior, discuss the matter with your boss and reprimand him if appropriate.
Talk Things Out
Talking Things Out
You should try to talk things out with your co-worker. Set clear limits and boundaries so that he does not step over the line. Tell him you don't appreciate his interference in your work always. Make him understand that his behavior affects your productivity and your ability to do the job well. If he doesn't listen to you, take advice from your other colleagues who you are friendly with, regarding how to deal with the situation.
Go to Higher Authorities
Higher Authorities
If the domination is too much for you to handle, you need to report it to the higher authorities of your company. Tell them that your co-worker is being very disturbing by always giving you orders, not letting you complete your work, interfering in your work, etc. Place all your complaints and ask them to talk to the co-worker about this matter.
Do not exaggerate the situation and fabricate issues. Make sure you are not in the default, and are working well. Put forth your complaints in such a way that it doesn't seem you are complaining, rather it should look you are seeking advice from the higher authorities on what you can do to avoid your low productivity due to your annoying co-worker.
Please remember to never try these stunts with your boss or your superior, as you might get into trouble. Gauge the situation and see if the advice given to you is valuable, if not go ahead with these tricks to get the nagging and bossy co-worker off your back.