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Pro Tips: How to Call in Sick When You Just Want a Day Off

How to Call in Sick When You Just Want a Day Off
Sometimes, we all find it hard to work for five straight days. We just need a day off with or without any valid reason. Calling sick is the best and, not surprisingly, the most common excuse employees use the world over. It's not a crime, but you need to ensure that your excuse sounds genuine.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Every morning we wake up to an unavoidable tussle between our awakened self and the lazy self. The lazy self demands a few more minutes of sleep and the awakened self motivates us to wake up and go to earn our bread and butter. You know which of them is an obvious daily winner. Yes, it is the awakened mind because it pesters and pushes one to live a disciplined life. But on some occasions, we tend to give in to the demands of our other poor, lazy mind. We feel like we just can't work on that day and then decide that we need a day off. Our smart mind hunts for excuses and comes up with some (that are really lame). But it is a fact that among all the reasons, if acted upon properly, sickness is the best excuse you can give to your employers.

Though a popular and convincing reason to ask for a leave, keep in mind that your employers are wise enough to catch your white lies. Thus, to convince them that you are 'indeed' unwell, remember these tips and follow them before calling, messaging, emailing, or even talking to your boss about leave.
Calling in Sick for a Day
Some of the common excuses for missing work are feeling unwell, having a headache, stomach ache, etc. But you just cannot say 'I am not feeling well' and expect your boss to grant you leave. These simple reasons work only if you manage to keep your disposition under check for some time, i.e., for the period before the day off and the day after it. Remember, you need to plan the act perfectly so that nobody doubts that you faked your illness.
# I have a stomach ache since yesterday, so please grant me leave from office today.

# Morning, I am not feeling well since last night, so it would not be possible for me to report to work today.

# A viral fever is troubling me since the past few days so I need a day off to recover and visit the doctor.

Some other excuses you can use are minor conjunctivitis that is contagious, food poisoning, cramping due to menstrual cycle, vomiting, nausea, etc.,
It is recommended that you should use a telephone as the preferred means of calling as your boss may cross question you.
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You definitely must plan and prepare for the leave; on the day before the decided leave day, you should talk to your coworkers about how low you are feeling.
It is advised to avoid calling sick on a Monday or on a Friday, as your employer is sure to suspect your reason.
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When you call your boss on the phone or talk to him personally, keep your voice low as though you are depressed. There should be no background noise when you are on the phone like the one from the television, music player, or even from people around you.
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You should ideally phone the concerned person in the morning when you are just out of the bed, because during these hours your voice is bad and heavy.
You can also ask any of your 'close and trustworthy' friends to make the call for you. You should ask him or her to convey to your boss that you are in bed, taking rest.
Don't get into a lengthy conversation and just keep things simple. Providing many details is likely to raise suspicion.
You should avoid shopping or hanging out near your office on that day. Don't post updates about you hanging out with friends or enjoying your time on any social networking websites, especially if you are aware that your boss or others from the office are on your friends list.
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When you report to work the next day, don't brag about the things you did on your sick day out. Instead, lie low and look upset. Avoid too much makeup or showing off on the next day. Such behavior is sure to raise suspicion.
Faking illness is not wrong or something that you should feel guilty about. Many times, out of frustration, we need time for ourselves and know that we can't work. All working people have faked illness at some point or other in their work life, without the exception of your boss. So don't worry about someone finding out your lie. Make the most of the day and have fun. But make sure that you also do all the work expected from you to be on the safer side...!
Good luck and get well soon!