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How to Be the Go-to Person at Work Without Feeling Overburdened

How to Be the Go-to Person at Work
A go-to person is one who is dependable, willing to work, always ready to offer a helping hand, and well-versed with his/her field of work. Find out how you can become a go-to person at work.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
We inadvertently envy those who become indispensable members at the workplace. Such individuals are adept at directing the spotlight onto themselves.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you too could become the go-to person at your workplace? After all, who wouldn't want to be treated as an expert in their domain and have their colleagues, subordinates, and superiors seek timely council on matters of grave importance.
The go-to person is the one who is dependable, hardworking, intelligent, and most of all good at his/her job. Such employees are diligent, team players, people persons, approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand.
They are the gurus of their field and are treated so, because the quality of their work speaks for itself and their level of knowledge is more pronounced as compared to others around them.
Such individuals know how to get the work done in time and meet all the expectations of the organization. Here is an explanation on how to be the go-to person at work by applying some simple strategies.
Believe in Yourself First
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You cannot possibly help others if you're unsure of your own capabilities. If you are undecided of whether you can do a particular task, you will not be entrusted with responsibilities anytime soon.
Unless you have the confidence in yourself and take the initiative to offer assistance, you will always be treated as a rookie. For gaining that much of confidence, you will need to brush up on your knowledge and work skills. Thereafter, you will need to complete the task before or within its deadline, and showcase your efficiency through the final outcome.
Be Positively Willing to Work
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You must inculcate leadership skills, for the organization and its people to take notice of your caliber. If a manager seeks your assistance in a project, do not hesitate and take up the responsibility head-on.
You must inculcate leadership skills, for the organization and its people to take notice of your caliber. If a manager seeks your assistance in a project, do not hesitate and take up the responsibility head-on.
Take up projects or handle a team that has been lagging and try to motivate them by introducing fresh ideas and strategies. Make sure you keep the manager in the loop so that he/she knows you are the brainchild behind the new scheme of things.
Take Over Rejected Work
There is always some work that is either too risky, tedious, or unyielding and is thus dodged by the others. If you happen to come across such projects, be the first to take over the job that nobody wants. This will show your superiors and peers that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, and are willing to work for the betterment of the company.
If you can somehow bring a spiraling project up and running again, you will be greatly appreciated for your foresight and efforts.
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Taking up projects within or outside your job description will also help you challenge yourself and showcase your competency and willingness to work.
Account for Your Actions
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If your ideas or decisions cause an upset in the outcome of a project, you must account for your actions. Staying humble and learning on the job is more likely to help you succeed than placing the blame on others.
If it was a team effort, make sure you acknowledge the people who contributed in making the project a success. Giving credit to a few and leaving out the rest will make many people resent your biases. Giving the deserving people their due credit at the right time and place will help in winning their confidence and trust.
Make it Your Business
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If the organization is lacking in some areas that are beyond your job profile, you can still dare to suggest changes and give inputs for improving the situation.
Consider yourself a member of the community and take an active part in resolving snags in the work process. Do not allow your designated post or job designation to bog you down and restrain your efficiency. Contribute during meetings by putting across your ideas and try to introduce fresh and newer ways to accomplish the task.
If you cannot resolve the issue despite having tried, you must seek the assistance of someone you think can. This will show that your interests lie in ensuring that the goal of the organization is accomplished and you're not driven by personal ambition alone.
Get to Know Your Coworkers
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If you succeed in maintaining a friendly, resourceful, and professional relationship with your colleagues, you are more likely to be considered for leading a team or a project. Coworkers prefer being led by someone who is amiable and skillful.
For you to be able to win their confidence, you will need to prove your worth through the quality of your work, thought process, and ability to make wise and quick decisions.
Spend a few minutes everyday interacting with your coworkers, even if they are not from your department. Get to know what they are working on and see if you can learn something new or impart your expertise. However, be careful not to come across as too eager to please or else you may be misconstrued as being meddlesome.
Empower Yourself Through Knowledge
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You must keep yourself updated about the recent trends and laws pertaining to your field of work. Being knowledgeable and able to utilize that information in a practical manner will give you the upper hand in any group.
So, you must endeavor to become an expert in your field and use your skills and knowledge to pull in more challenging work. If possible, write blogs on subjects that you specialize in so that more people know your opinion on the matter. Contribute to the company's publications regularly to establish yourself as an expert within your workplace and beyond.
While it is great to be the go-to person at work, make sure your efforts do not go unnoticed and you are rewarded accordingly. Do not allow yourself to be overburdened just because you are capable of handling more work and are good at your job.