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How to Appreciate Your Employees

How to Appreciate Your Employees
So, how to appreciate your employees? Well, the answer is as simple as it can get. All you've got to do is just say it. But, if you are one of those hesitant kind of a boss, read on for some ideas that will say so.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019
No monetary value can match up to praise and recognition. These two factors are the unmatched motivating factors, that push many of us to walk the extra mile of hard work. When each painful step of arduous effort to accomplish a task is recognized, it makes you feel special and valued.
This makes a person take up bigger challenges and burn a little extra midnight oil to get to the top. If this is how you want your every employee to act, then you do owe them a few words of appreciation.
The start of a great business partnership
Appreciating your employees will help you in establishing a positive work environment and achieve higher standards of success.
Appreciation Day
An appreciation day follows the same basis of annual days in schools, wherein we put up a good show of our talents. The difference is we practiced every single day, for those few minutes of perfection, whereas an employee puts in best each day to accomplish targets.
Host an annual appreciation day, when top-level managers give out prizes, awards, certificates and medals to the employees by judging their yearly performance. Such appreciation gives fresh recruits a goal, provides recognition like never before to the older ones, and sets standards for the ones who take the job lightly.
It also makes a few employees roles models, who inadvertently become torchbearers. This does bring in a ray of positivity in functioning of the employees and improves quality of work.
Special Mentions
Many times, managers conveniently forget to mention the efforts of those employees, who have largely contributed to completion of projects.
Their due credit is stolen and a single mention they deserved is also taken away. It doesn't harm to give someone their due credit. If you are worried that it takes away the spotlight away from you, then you are wrong. It shows your generosity and your open mindedness.
Special mentions in weekly in-house newspapers or magazines, mentioning the employees name to the clients and giving the person the credit or byline says a great deal about how much you value their work. A single mention is all it takes, to motivate your employees to strive harder for bigger goals.
Assemblies and Parties
Professor shaking hands with parent and student at school event
If you are a manufacturing unit, then mass assemblies and meetings of workers is not new to you. Just as you, sometimes reprimand the workers, you hold the power and knowledge to appreciate their efforts too. Every employee looks up to the boss.
Thus, a noble act of expressing gratitude or congratulating an employee at such a function is a great way of showing appreciation towards your employees. Similarly, when you throw parties for your employees and their families, appreciating them in front of the later will win you tons of trust and respect.
Say It
The simplest and the easiest way to appreciate your employees, is by just saying so. For instance, if your certain employee has been staying back just to finish the work, you owe him a thank you. A few words of appreciation every time your employees does a job well, is that it takes to motivate them.
Appreciation has to be shown as soon as possible. If your employee has worked with unwavering dedication to finish the assignment, he sure deserves his dose of appreciation.
Making public display of appreciation increases feelings of respect amongst colleagues and goes a long way in harboring a mentor and tutor relationship.
Business Celebration
Achievement is a reflection of employees who believed in the cause, devoted their 100%, put in their best for as long as they could and brought you the goal you had set out for. So, all you need to reward them with is, appreciation!