5 Creatively Wonderful Holiday Party Ideas for Work

Holiday party idea for work
Throwing a party at the office before everyone leaves for the holidays, is an every-year ritual. For many, this is the most dreaded time, and for the organizers, this becomes the most regretted time. Most employees worry how their colleagues and bosses will think of them, after they are a few drinks down. Make your party a memorable one with a few holiday party ideas for work!
All work and no play makes professional life dull and boring. Especially when the holiday season is around the corner, every employee looks forward to some kind of a celebration. Celebrations are an opportunity to let down the bossy, strict image for a fun-loving one, if only for a while. Holiday parties at work are a great way to rub shoulders with office colleagues and your bosses too! Party time allows everyone to interact with each other informally, and helps in knowing one another better. An office party could also be a reward for your employees for the hard work and effort they've put in.

As party time nears, get everybody together to plan the party. Get people into groups, and assign tasks to each group. This way, you'll get the inputs and ideas. If you have a large organization, form a committee which will help you with it. The grumbling and complaining will be less, if you involve people, as each person will have a chance to voice their opinion. Here are some holiday party ideas for work, to lighten up your workplace and help you bond with your employees better!
Employees having drink outdoors
Confined spaces of the office premises are routine and monotonous. Get away from the computer screens, desks, post-its, and other office equipment. You can take your employees camping or indulge in some recreational management activities. In case your budget is small, you can utilize the terrace for the same. Think a little out of the box to make your party interesting.
Employees give and take gifts
As it is the holiday season, gift your employees to add to the festive mood. They need not be expensive gifts, but little souvenirs, like unique corporate gifts, will make them feel special and work wonders to motivate them. Candles, mementos, or home d├ęcor items make real good gifts for your employees.
Employees in a halloween party
Considering that it's an office, the number of people will be small. You can have themes, like 'Let it Snow', where you can have fake snow and give out Santa caps. Another interesting theme is 'Enter the Winter Wonderland', wherein you can create a wonderland out of office stationery, like cut-out fairies and Grinch. Have balloon bouquets everywhere, and have fun with party games.
Employees dining together raising their glasses
Not many can go out for an expensive experience of a fine dining. Give all your employees a chance to experience the charm of it this holiday season. Send out elegant invitations, but refrain from e-invitations, as they'll spoil the mood. Have someone deliver them at their desks too! Have a cocktail hour, followed by dinner time, and a small speech by the boss to thank everyone.
Disco Night
A company can be big or small. As per the size, decide the venue. You can have a 'Holiday Dance Party', wherein you can create a dance floor with shiny disco balls. Let everyone hit the dance floor and bounce back with holiday fervor. Hire a DJ to play rocking music, and keep your employees in high spirits (pun intended)!
Planning an office party is a difficult task. However, it's not an impossible one. While planning, there are a few important points to be considered. Always send out invitations with RSVP, so that you have the exact head count of employees attending it. Once you have the count, book the venue and the caterers well in advance, as it is quite likely that they might run out, considering it's holiday season. There might be some people who may not turn up in spite of informing. Don't get disheartened, as there's always some other time.

This is an opportunity for you to connect with your employees better than ever. It's a unique way of building your brand too. The most valuable outcome of having a holiday party at work is that, the employees feel wanted and cared for. This improves their performance and eventually yours. So, why not invest well in a party? The return on investment is guaranteed!