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Goodbye Letter to Boss

Goodbye Letter to Boss

You're leaving your current organization and you need to write a goodbye letter to your boss. Here are some tips and samples that might come in handy.
Sujata Iyer
Everyone's on the lookout for their dream job. And until they find it, they make do with whatever they get. So when you finally land that perfect job, remember that it is not only your individual hard work that has helped you get it, many factors and people have played an important role in shaping you to be suitable for that job. So it's only obvious that you need to express your gratitude to these people when you're leaving one company to join another. In such a case, you need to write a farewell letter to your colleagues and a special goodbye letter to your boss. Read ahead for some tips on how you can go about doing this.

Why you Should Write One

Why should you be thanking your boss in the first place?
  • For starters, for hiring you in his company.
  • There are many things that you learned as a part of the organization.
  • It gave you the much-needed experience that has obviously helped in landing this new job that you have managed to acquire.
  • You have made so many new friends in this office and you know that you're a better person because you've met them.
  • As an employee, you were treated with respect and this is one of the most important things that working in a good company gives you.
  • It is basic business etiquette to thank your employer when you leave a job.
These were just some of the reasons that you can use in your letter to thank your boss. Now for some tips on letter writing it.

How to Write a It
  • Use good stationery, avoid the office stationery. Use your own and go a little fancy on the paper.
  • Don't type it out. Write it by hand. This gives it a more personal touch.
  • While writing this letter, the language can be a little informal but should not sound unprofessional.
  • Use some anecdotes or mention an incident that is very close to your heart.
  • Address your boss with a normal letter salutation, "Dear Mr. ______,".
  • Keep the tone light but not jocular.
  • Express gratitude for everything that the company has helped you with.
  • It may, in some cases, be alright to thank the boss on a personal level for a personal favor he may have granted you.
  • End the letter with a sincere thank you and assurance that though you're leaving the firm, you'll never forget the time you spent there.
  • Hand it in on your last day of work, before you're about to leave at the end of the day.
A Sample



Dear Mr. X,
As you already know, this is my last day with (name of company). I will be joining (name of new company) from Monday. I'm writing this letter as a token of appreciation for the 5 wonderful years that I have spent with (name of company).

I remember my first day of work. I was so nervous and made a lot of silly mistakes. I was sure you were going to fire me instantly. But instead, you didn't even reprimand me. You just pretended like nothing had happened and took it upon yourself to make sure that I learned the process thoroughly.

I cannot thank you enough for showing so much faith in me. Honestly, it was your patience and belief in me that made me excel in my job here at (name of company). I've made so many invaluable friends here, whom I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life.

As I leave, my heart is filled with hope and anticipation, but also with a tinge of regret on having to part with such a wonderful workplace.

Thank you once again for everything.


That was an easy sample that you can follow. Don't appear arrogant that you have a new and better job. You would not have gotten it if it wasn't for this company. So write a good and professional goodbye letter to your boss and your colleagues as well. Good luck with your new job!