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How to Write the Perfect Goodbye Letter to a Co-worker

Goodbye Letter for Coworkers
What should go in a goodbye letter for coworkers? How should the letter be written? To know this and more, read on.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
Coworkers are an integral part of your professional life. Over time, some of the so-called professional relationships turn into friendships. You share a good rapport with some of your coworkers and as this rapport develops further, some of your colleagues become friends. After years of working in the same place, you develop a sense of attachment towards your workplace and the coworkers. When leaving an organization you have worked with for years, letting colleagues know of your decision becomes more than mere formality. That's best done through a well-drafted goodbye letter for coworkers.

A goodbye letter for coworkers is meant to convey to them that you would be leaving the organization. Something about the time spent together or about the little joyous moments at your workplace, can help add a personal touch to the goodbye letter.

After informing your employer about your resignation, it is important to communicate the same to your coworkers. After all, it's your coworkers who form the work environment and shape the work culture. They help you acquire new skills, make you feel comfortable in the workplace and help you get used to the work setup. You work together, for a common goal. This underlines the importance of informing them about your decision of resigning.

Whom to Say Goodbye?

If your company consists of a few hundred to a thousand employees, it may not be right to send a letter to everyone. In this case, write to only the members of your team. Apart from those you are currently working with, also write to those who have worked with you in the past.

  • Bid goodbye in a positive way.
  • Talk about some of the memorable moments of your tenure.
  • Talk about the work that you could accomplish only because of the cooperation of your coworkers.
  • Make a mention of the good time you had with your colleagues. You can talk about the fun moments that you will cherish for long.
  • Be precise in making your point.
  • Do not describe the new job or express your happiness about having acquired a better one.
  • Do not talk about the bad time you had in the company or the reasons that made you leave the job.
  • Do not boast about the professional growth and monetary gain that you will be achieving with the job change.
Content of the Goodbye Letter

Write about the support offered to you by your coworkers. Say how you would be missing them. Talk about what the organization has given you. Say how your coworkers have helped you grow. Liven up some special moments and enriching experiences you have had in the organization. You can briefly sketch the journey of your years spent with the organization. On the whole, let the goodbye letter reflect positivism. You might be leaving without a good job in hand. In this case, ask for job assistance, if you find it suitable. The goodbye letter is not the means to complain or crib. It is an opportunity to thank everyone and leave a smile on their faces, even as you leave.

Give Your Contact Details

Before ending your goodbye letter for coworkers, remember to furnish your contact details. You can leave your phone number and email address so that the coworkers can keep in touch with you. Your contact details will enable them to communicate with you when needed.

Sample Goodbye Letters for Coworkers

Here, we give you two samples of farewell letters to coworkers. The first one can be used to say goodbye to all your work associates or team members you have worked with. It can be addressed to everyone in your team or organization. The second sample however can be used when writing to someone in particular. You might want to write a special letter to your colleague-turned-friend(s). In that case, you can draft a separate letter for him/her apart from sending out a common email to all the coworkers.

Sample #1

Dear Co-worker's name,

This is to inform you that I have resigned and today is my last day of work. Through this farewell letter, I wish to thank you for your guidance and support. I have spent some of the best days of my life here. Working with you has been a great experience. You have helped me grow as a professional and as a person. Here, I have found some very good friends and today I am leaving with some wonderful memories of the time we have spent together.

I am glad that I got the opportunity to work with you. I will always be thankful for your encouragement because of which I could achieve what I did. I remember all the fun we had together, that spirit with which we met deadlines and that accomplishing feeling we had on completing difficult assignments.

Keep in touch. Find my contact details below.

Goodbye. All the best.

Your name
Your contact details

Sample #2

Dear Co-worker's name,

It's just a few hours to go before I leave. Today is my last working day. It's hard to imagine that I won't be coming here from tomorrow. Things will be different, life won't be the same. In my new journey that begins tomorrow, I will be missing you. I still remember my first day in this organization. In a few months of working together, we had become friends.

Your support and encouragement always came when I needed it the most. You were someone I looked up to and you were the one I could approach with the silliest of my difficulties. You always had the answers.

Cheers to the time we have spent together. I wish you all good things in life. Stay in touch. You can reach me on phone number or write to me on email-id. Adieu.

With Best Wishes
Your name

The content of a goodbye letter for coworkers depends on the kind of relation you share with your colleagues and the number of months or years you have spent with the organization. You cannot force yourself to feel in a certain way. Write what comes to you naturally. It is more about what you feel like writing.

And that reminds me of my first job. On the last day, while drafting a goodbye letter, I had remembered all those moments of pride which working there had given me and all that I had learned during the initial years of my career. Something new was awaiting me but the old, I had left with a heavy heart.