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Fun Things To Do When Bored At Work

Uttara Manohar Sep 26, 2018
We all tend to lose interest while working, especially after long hours, often browsing through websites or making phone calls to pass the time. Discover fun things to do when bored at work, with our suggestions you can turn a drab day into something more engaging and less mind numbing.
Every one of us comes across such situations at work sometimes (or all the time for some people) when your mind has become numb to the work you are doing.
Here is a list of few great options that will drive the boredom blues away and help to lift up your spirits at work. Although most of these are really funny and entertaining, some of them can potentially help to get you a memo or might even cost you your job. So unless you have a great rapport with the guys around and above you, try the simpler ones! 

What to Do at Work When Bored

  • Music, yes music is perhaps the best stress buster for any and everyone. Although make sure you don't play your music at a volume that might have people swearing at you.
  • You can try to have a power snack or a cup of hot coffee or tea to energize you. In case you are worried about the ill effects of nicotine and caffeine, try to have a nice herbal tea variety.
  • Try working out with some simple stretches. Hand rotations and leg stretches can be easily done at your desk and can actually make you feel fresh. You can also climb up and down the staircase that will not only be fun, but will also help you stay active.
  • In case you like computer games, a good game of Pac-man or minesweeper is the best option for a fun break.
  • In case your office system allows chat messengers, having a small conversation with an old friend or a relative can pep up your mood.
  • Call up a loved one or a friend just to say hi and catch up with them for a while. Talking to a loved one can be the best stress buster and helps you get back to work with added enthusiasm.
  • Try and clean up your desk and make it more interesting by adding post-its with funny messages, some interesting paperweights and so on.
  • Clean up your computer, delete all the unwanted files, and try to find a better desktop theme for your computer.
  • Open MS paint and draw a picture. Painting or drawing can be a fun activity. Complete the picture and forward it to all your friends via email.
  • Make your own website and try to make it as good as possible with great content as well as pictures.

Wacky Suggestions

  • Pick up random objects and super glue them together to create abstract art. Display it on your desk or present it as a gift to someone in the office.
  • Walk up to a co-worker and pretend to talk only using lip movements. Use funny hand gestures as well and just when the person starts getting irritated with your antics say "You better get your ears checked man!" and run to the next victim.
  • Make up a funny incomprehensible language and go around the office talking to people in your language for at least an hour.
  • Tell people they've got something stuck in their teeth and they better clean it up.
  • In case you've got mobile chairs in the office ask someone to move you around in the office by pushing your chair. Go around the office visit every cubicle and ask people how their day is coming along.
  • Make a buzzing sound which is loud enough for everyone around you. When everyone starts looking at you point suggestively at your neighbor and frown.
  • Have an imaginary friend and keep talking to him / her aloud in the office.
  • Have office Olympics and make people participate in funny games like three-legged race or chair-racing. You can even have a typing contest where the one with the fastest typing speed wins.
  • Pick up a funny accent and talk to your co-workers in the weird accent throughout the day.
  • Try and google the names of people you know and see if you find anything interesting / funny. Walk up to those people and talk to them about the things you found out about them.