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Play These 7 Boisterously Fun Team Games When Bored at Work

Fun Team Games at Work
Team games are a good way of boosting employee morale, which ultimately goes on to improve their productivity. A few fun games and activities can help foster the team-spirit in a company.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Individual brilliance is all good, but for a true victory, teamwork is essential. This is true, not just in a game of soccer, but at a corporate workplace as well. So in case you have noticed a build-up of ill-spirit and negativity around the office, or just simply need to up the motivation quotient, it is time for you to step in and help in letting out the excess steam.
Team Quiz Contest
Conduct a quiz contest on a variety of topics, like sports, technology, films, music, environment, general knowledge, current affairs (in the global sense of the term, not office flings!) etc. Divide your employees into multiple teams of say, 8 - 10 members each. Let each team analyze its strengths, and decide between themselves as to which 2 members should be chosen to represent it for each sub-category round. Of course, the team which scores the maximum points in all the rounds wins the prize.
The popular game of charades can really be a fun team-building activity at the workplace. Once again, divide your employees into 2 teams, and enjoy this classic, entertaining game. To make it a little more competitive, have two or more teams in place, award one point for each correct guess, and declare a prize for the team that is the first to reach 5 points.
Scavenger Hunts
This is another great game that relies solely on teamwork. The best thing about it is that, it can be played both indoors as well as outdoors. Divide your employees into equal-numbered teams, and make a list of the items for them to find/collect. Whichever team completes its list first wins the prize. Centering the list of items around work-related things would help in making the game all the more apt and even more enjoyable.
Mad Ads
Divide the employees into multiple groups. Provide each group with a unique, imaginary (even futuristic will do) invention, product, or concept. The objective is to prepare (and act out) an advertisement which will promote their item in the best possible way. Set a time limit for 15 minutes of planning and preparing time, and 3 minutes of acting time. Have some members of the senior management act as the judging panel, and get them to award prizes to the group that does the best job.
Script Writing
Divide people into groups and provide each with four main conceptual characters (for example, a young software professional, an uneducated rural farmer, a celebrity, and a politician). Ask each group to prepare (and act out if possible) a short script centered around these four main characters. They can be given the freedom to come up with their own plots and additional supportive characters. The team which comes up with the most entertaining script wins a prize.
Team Themes
You can declare one particular day as 'theme day' at the office. Organize employees into groups, and through a draw of lots allot individual themes to each team or group. The next day, each group should dress up in such a way that it complements its theme, and does all that is necessary to adhere to or promote its theme in the best possible manner. The group which does the best job wins.
Birthday Celebrations
Celebrating employee birthdays at the workplace can be another good team-building activity, in addition to making the employees feel better. A personal tip: If you do go ahead with this, then please make sure that you do this with a little bit of creativity or fun element, or else it can get quite boring.
So there you have it, a few ideas regarding team-building games that can be played at work. These will surely allow everyone to have fun, and at the same time bring your employees closer to each other, enhancing the work environment in your office.
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