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Fun Team Building Events

Fun Team Building Events That'll Help Build a Cooperative Bond

Plan the fun team building events suggested here, to inculcate team spirit, enhance motivation and boost productivity of the team. Read on.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
The success of any team depends upon a number of factors, such as the comfort level and bonding between the team members, the level of trust they share and most importantly, how willing they are to help one another.
As everyone knows that most of the work in the corporate world today is done in teams, so for the success of any organization, inculcating team spirit, amongst the employees, is of utmost importance.
That's why, many corporates today conduct team building events, from time to time, to enhance the rapport between their employees. So for all those who are planning such an event, here are some interesting ideas.
Organize an event wherein all your employees work together for the social good. You can plan a charity walk and invite your employees as well as their families to participate in the same.
Adults and children being served hot meal at soup kitchen
You can take all your employees to an NGO or a hospital which houses underprivileged children and organize some fun games there, where the employees get to participate with the children. Visiting old people's home together and taking care of the elderly is another idea.
When your employees participate in such charity events together, it will make them more sensitive towards others and increase their bonding with one another as well.
City Treasure Hunt
Business people Taking Selfie With Mobile Phone
Plan a treasure hunt for your employees in which they get to explore the city and visit various tourist places in each other's company. It is a picnic cum team building activity rolled into one!
Divide your employees into teams of five to ten each. Give each of the teams a digital camera. (you can ask some of the employees to get one). Next, give them a list of things that they have to do and then click photographs of the same as a proof.
List things like - visit the city museum, take a photograph of the entire team in front of the mayor's office, talk to five tourists, eat burger at MacDonald, etc. Award the team which accomplishes all the tasks and reaches office first!
Sports Day
Business people are playing chess
Organize a sports day, in which your employees get to participate in various kinds of games. Keep a mix of indoor and outdoor games, to ensure maximum participation. You can keep games like chess, carom, scrabble, Sudoku and even some fun computer games.
For outdoor games, you will need to book a venue which has a large ground. Soccer, basketball, baseball, have matches for each of these sports. When the employees participate in such team games, they discover parts of each other's personalities, which they didn't know before. They get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses too.
This knowledge comes handy when they work together in projects. Plus, when the employees socialize and interact with each other, they tend to make strong bonds and develop trust between themselves.
Office party
Involve all your employees in decorating the office. Every month, celebrate the birthdays of the employees who were born in that particular month.
Before the event, give balloons, steamers, charts, markers and other decoration supplies to your entire staff and ask them to decorate the office.
Or, you can give them a theme, around which they have to plan the decorations. This will give opportunity to the employees to work together in something, other than their work and thus, will help in inculcating team spirit in them.
Meditation and Yoga
Business people in an active break
Arrange for a yoga teacher to come to your office and teach the employees how to do yoga and meditate. This activity will relax the employees, help them get rid of their stress and thus, they will be able to relate to each other in a much better way.
There are numerous benefits of these events, such as the ones mentioned earlier. They bring the employees closer and thus, they help and support one another in times of need.
These events bring fun to the otherwise dull workplace and keep the motivation levels high. Not to mention, how much they contribute to the team's productivity! With so many advantages, planning such events is a must for all corporates!