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Fun Safety Meeting Ideas

Fun Safety Meeting Ideas
Fun safety meeting ideas are really challenging to come up with, especially since no one thinks safety meetings are fun. Nevertheless, here are some ideas that you can try out.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Office safety meetings are dreaded more by the conductors than the employees attending them. Why? Well, it is extremely demoralizing to hold a meeting and have people sitting and watching you like you're speaking a foreign language or worse, watching you like they have been compelled to sit through the meeting and they would give anything to leave from there. And that's exactly what happens at most safety meetings. They can seem boring, repetitive and immensely unnecessary, but there are ways to turn that around. In this article, we'll share some ideas that are fun and may prompt you to explore them the next time you have a meeting.
Make your Safety Meetings Fun
A safety meeting is generally held to discuss things like possible safety issues that could arise and making sure that all the employees are furnished with appropriate solutions and training to handle the situation. Whatever the topic of discussion is, the meeting need not be the same old white screen presentation that people just watch and go away from. How so? That's what we'll tel you in the sections below.
Food & Drink
Safety in the workplace is something that cannot be compromised, no matter what. But to hold a safety meeting, you need to be equipped with something to make the people want to attend the meeting in the first place. Delicious food and drinks are the best way to gather a crowd, whether it is kids or adults. Organize a party, where people can feast on some sumptuous food and then, after the lunch, begin discussing the safety topics. Once their tastes buds have been satiated, they won't be able to argue!
Voluntary Teams
Another good idea for a safety meeting is asking the employees themselves to prepare teams to judge and evaluate the already existing safety equipment and gear that your office has. Give these teams a period of time, like a week or two to thoroughly check the working condition and functioning of all the safety equipment and then conduct a meeting with all the employees and see the results. Then, jointly discuss the drawbacks and shortcomings and how they can be eliminated.
Awards and Recognition
Hold a 'safety week' or 'safety month' in your office. During this month, all the employees must adhere to and take all precautions mentioned in an office safety checklist that you can prepare and give them. You can have a panel from the management or among them (chosen by lucky draw) to judge and see how well everyone fares. Then, fix a date for a meeting in which you can give out special awards to all those who took the necessary precautions and maintained proper safety in the office. But keep the award ceremony for the end. First conduct the meeting highlighting the importance of safety and then announce the winners. By the time the meeting is held, the employees will already be used to following the safety norms, so half your work is already done!
Pop Quiz
Before using this idea, you can hand out a safety manual to all employees. Going through the manual is up to them. One day, suddenly spring a pop quiz about things in the manual and also about general safety measures that they should already be following. It can include things like the safety equipment that the office has, how many fire exits the office has and their locations, etc. Take back the test papers, and evaluate them. If they cannot answer the questions, they will realize the importance of the safety topics and will definitely want to attend the meeting that you will subsequently hold.
Cartoon Clips
Everyone enjoys a good laugh now and then. Cartoons are something that can bring a smile on anyone's face. To make your employees enjoy the meeting you can look online for some well made and creative animated clips that highlight the importance of safety in the workplace. The employees won't have a boring presentation to bear and they'll leave with a smile on their lips and the safety message etched in their minds. If you can manage it, you can also have an entire animated movie or documentary made for the purpose of the meeting. This may prove expensive, so it would be advisable to have all the points included in it once and for all.
There are many safety topics that you can choose from to discuss. However, make sure you use some fun ideas like the ones mentioned above, so that you get a positive response and enthusiastic participation from the employees at the meeting.