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Fun Activities for Staff Meetings

Fun Activities for Staff Meetings
By including some fun activities in regular staff meetings, you can make the meetings not only more enjoyable, but also more interactive. This article will help you with some activities that you can use for that.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
The thought of attending a staff meeting can make any employee shrink back in his chair and not want to leave it till the day ends. They're always bound to be boring, with a couple of people going on and on about a certain topic and everyone sitting in silence (or not), simply listening and taking in everything. And when it's time for the dreaded Q&A session, everyone begins to conveniently look away or be extremely focused on a point behind the speaker.
But what if there were some fun activities on the agenda? Like games, team building and rewards and recognition? Doesn't seem all that boring now, does it? We thought so. Let this Workspirited article help you with some interesting activities that you can conduct in a staff meeting to make it enjoyable and exciting, while you get your work done as well.
Fun Ideas for Staff Meetings
This section is for all those who dread organizing staff meetings for the simple reason that everyone dreads attending them. It will help you with some ideas for fun activities that you can use to make staff meetings a little more entertaining. That does not necessarily mean that the meetings will be all play and no work. These are just ways to induce a little constructive fun into a meeting. So, go through them, and get all the attendees prepped for an interactive and interesting meeting.
One of the most important aspects of our daily lives, whether personal or professional, is communication. A staff meeting is no different. In fact, the very point of a meeting is to have a healthy communication session. You can make it a little more fun by including some fun games that revolve around communication in it. You can try out icebreaker games or you can plan your own.
You can have a game in which you pass around a box of candy and ask everyone to take as many as they want. When everyone has taken how much they want, ask them to count the number of candy and say those many things about themselves to the rest of the people at the meeting. You get to know each other a little better, and that's always fun.
Team Building
Team building is another major aspect that can be well brought out during staff meetings. If you're holding a safety meeting for your employees, you can involve them in team building activities like role play or situations in which they need to collectively plan out an escape plan. If it's a meeting to discuss an assignment or a project, divide them into teams and ask them to come up with ideas for it and let the team with the best idea win a small prize. There's no shortage of such office team building games that you can try out.
Trivia Exchange
For organizations that depend on creativity for their output like advertising, writing, etc., holding long, boring and monotonous meetings can be the worst kind. Instead, prepare the employees in advance about the meeting by giving them a notice. Decide the theme of the meeting and play games revolving around the theme. The games should involve trivia of any kind. For instance, if the theme is automobiles, then the games can involve things like logo and brand identification, etc.
Simply Fun
If you want to use some fun activities for your staff meeting, just to get people involved and set a good mood for the meeting, then you can have some simple activities like organizing a luncheon buffet, or a dance party just before the meeting. You could also have an awards ceremony before an important meeting. This way, the employees know that their work is being appreciated, and they will work even harder on upcoming projects and assignments.
Round of Appreciation
This is a good way to show your employees that you value them for the individuals they are, apart from the work that they do for you. So, have all the employees assembled for the meeting, and you can have each employee's name written on a sheet of paper with blank lines below it. Pass each sheet around to all the people present. Each person must write something that they appreciate about the person whose sheet it is. This way, every employee knows that he or she is seen and liked for much more than the work that he or she does.
The task of planning and executing a staff meeting successfully is not an easy one to take up. It involves a lot of delicate intricacies that can be understood only by people who plan them. So, be appreciative of the efforts taken to include fun activities in it. It will act as a great boost to the morale and you'll definitely have better meetings in the future.
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