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Experience Certificate Sample for Software Engineer

Experience Certificate Sample for Software Engineer

An experience certificate is a highly valued document that vouches for an individual's experience in an organization. Here, we'll see what goes into writing one, along with a sample for your reference.
Puja Lalwani
Apart from stating the kind of work a person did, an experience certificate sometimes also functions as a character certificate, that speaks about the employee's conduct and other skills displayed in his/her tenure in that organization. If you wish to go out and get yourself another job, it is important that you present this experience certificate to back your resume and personal interview. Even if you are looking to take a break and not work in the near future, this letter should be taken from your employee in any case.

Here, we provide a specific experience certificate sample for software engineers, by first explaining how such a letter should be written.

Important Considerations

Any work experience letter should ideally explain in a few sentences the experience an individual has attained at a particular organization. It should not go on and on. It is usually written by the immediate boss/supervisor or head of the department of the employee. These are individuals who have been in constant contact with the employee, and are best suited to write such a letter for him. The language used should be professional and clear, and there should be no beating around the bush. All these rules even apply to the format. The following steps will provide the basic guidelines that you can follow while writing an experience letter.
  • Start with the date at the top left of the letter, followed by the salutation. In the case of an experience certificate, you are not sure who the letter should be addressed to. As such, you should simply write To Whomsoever it May Concern.
  • In the first paragraph, state that you are writing this certificate for so-and-so individual. The date of joining and resignation needs to be mentioned here in the 'from' and 'to' format.
  • In the second paragraph, write the position held by the employee, the job description (in this case the programming languages and technologies worked on), and the overall work skills. Also include a line about general conduct in the workplace. Some software companies tend to elaborate on and provide extensive details about the job description of the employee. While this is helpful, it does increase the length of the document. Further, the employee himself will elaborate on this experience in his resume.
  • Wrap up the letter by giving your best wishes to the employee.
  • Provide a salutation again, i.e., Sincerely, followed by your signature, name, position in the organization, name of the organization, and an authorized seal of the organization.

Sample Letter


To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that Nicole Gellar has worked at our organization 555 Software Solutions from 01 March, 2009 to 31 December, 2010 as a (appropriate and full designation).

She has worked on programming languages such as C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, .NET technology like, SQL, HTML and is capable of designing and developing software systems to cater to diverse needs. Her work reflects her thoroughness in understanding and implementing her knowledge of programming languages. Apart from these, she has also successfully led several team projects and ensured that important deadlines are met. Her remarkable communication skills, natural leadership qualities, and her thorough knowledge of the principles of client/severs programming are her most valuable assets.

We wish her good luck and success in her all future endeavors.



Fiona James
555 Software Solutions

Writing an experience certificate is not difficult, as long as it is honest and brief, but clearly makes the point.