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Experience Certificate Sample for Accountant

Experience Certificate Sample for Accountant

An experience certificate enlists the amount of experience and expertise an employee possesses. The article below provides you with an experience certificate sample for accountant.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
Preparing any kind of business document demands expertise and attention on the part of the writer. Since you cannot format a formal document in casual manner, it should follow a specific standard. The use of words should be such that it should not sound casual and deviating from the topic. One among the numerous business documents is an experience certificate. It's a certificate after all, and in a job interview, if a candidate has any prior work experience, he/she has to present it. It is also a kind of certificate of character for the interviewee. In an organization, the certificate is written by the boss or someone at a superior position.

How to Write an Experience Certificate

The experience certificate follows a very simple format and starts with date at the left corner. As the certificate is not addressed to any specific person, you should begin it with the phrase To whom so ever it may concern. The first paragraph carries the details of the name, designation and tenure of the employee in the organization. You can also mention the kind of work the employee did and how his/her performance was during the tenure. Remember not to write any negative comments about the employee, as a business etiquette. In the concluding paragraph of the certificate, wish all the best to the leaving employee for career. At the end comes valediction which is generally Yours sincerely or Yours faithfully in a certificate, and the signature and name of the authorized person. A certificate should also carry seal of the company.



To Whom so ever it may concern

------Content of the certificate-------



(Name of the authorized person)
(Name of the organization)
(Address of the organization)
(Company Seal)

Sample for Accountant


To whom so it may concern

This is to certify that Amelia Carter has served as a full-time employee at our firm Resource511 solutions, and was an accountant for the tenure between 1.02.2009 to 31.01.2011.

She was responsible for keeping all the company accounts, and also trained new accounting recruits with the company policies and accounting work. She has a strong command over accounting concepts, and I never found any minor mistake in her work. She has brilliant budget analysis strategies, not to mention, acurate tax computations for the firm. I can say that Amelia is a thorough professional, and values work above anything else. Apart from her work skills, she is an excellent person with good communication and time management skills.

She was a productive employee the organization valued, and the organization wishes her all the luck and success for the future.

Yours sincerely,


Joseph Stanley
Managing Director
Resource511 Solutions
Martha Street, New York
(Seal of the company)

An experience letter follows the same format as a certificate and also serves the same purpose. But, it can also be written to address any specific person. In most of the cases the salutation used is to whom so ever it may concern, as it serves multipurpose. Given below is a sample experience letter for accountant.

To whom so ever it may concern

Ms. Martha Kennedy was employed by our organization as a full-time accountant for the period between 1.03.2008 to 31.12.2010. Ms Martha was a hardworking and dedicated employee and did complete justice to her position for the time period she served. As her immediate supervisor, I found Martha very hardworking and passionate about her work. She has very good accounting skills, and her work had high precision.

I wish her good luck for all her future endeavors, on behalf of the company supervisors and staff. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Carter
Accounting Head
(Address of the company)

Hope you found the samples provided in this article useful. These letters are of immense value to the leaving employee for future employment, and so should be well thought before drafting.