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Experience Certificate Format with Salary

Experience Certificate Format with Salary

Providing salary details in an experience certificate is not very common, but is a detail that may be demanded of some places. As such, knowing how and where to include it is essential. Here, we provide you with a format that you can refer to when writing an experience certificate for someone.
Puja Lalwani
An experience certificate functions as a proof of an individual's employment with any previous organization, and provides credibility to their function and position within that organization. Some experience letters also require a mention of the salary an employee was drawing while on the job, while others require them to attach the latest salary slip with it. These kinds of experience letters help the potential employer verify all the details that have been furnished to them by the employee. An experience certificate also vouches for an employee's conduct in the organization and functions as a type of character certificate by which their credibility as a suitable potential employee can be validated. As mentioned earlier, not all experience certificates require the mention of the remuneration drawn during the employment tenure. However, those that do are written in a specific manner. We take a look into the experience certificate format with mention of salary so that you know how to write such a letter.

How to Write an Experience Certificate with Salary Details

The format of an experience certificate basically includes details regarding the duration of employment in the organization, the position held and the associated responsibilities, and the general conduct displayed while holding that position. If the salary has to be included, it should be included after the details that mention the employment duration and the position held. The sample provided below will help you understand how to write an experience certificate with salary details.


To Whomsoever it May Concern,

It is a pleasure to write on behalf of Ms. Donna Harper, who has worked at our organization, ABC Interior Design from April 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 in the capacity of a Design Associate (or appropriate designation).

Her job included generating novel concepts and providing unique interior design solutions for various settings, making detailed designs for the purpose of execution, selection of appropriate materials to be used based on the design, and overseeing the entire design process involved in any project.

Her gross remuneration during the termination of employment with ABC Interior Design Solutions was US $60,000 (or appropriate figure) per annum.

Donna has always been highly self-motivated from the very start, a good example being her absorption into the company from an intern to a full-time employee in a short span of three months. She has always strived to develop new and unique concepts and has only shown a positive growth in her design skills. She has remarkable communication skills that have been greatly appreciated by her colleagues and her clients alike. Donna is a wonderful team player and her motivation and enthusiasm for better results has always rubbed off on her colleagues. You can easily rely on her to complete the tasks assigned to her well within a deadline, and with innovative solutions as well.

Donna will be a valuable asset to any organization she joins in the future. We wish her all the luck in her future endeavors.



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Hopefully, the format provided above has helped you understand how such a letter is written. While the content of the letter may vary based on the position of the employee, the skills you would like to include, and any special mention you would like to make, the details regarding remuneration during employment are always mentioned in the manner provided above. More often than not, most experience certificates do not include salary details. However, some places do require an employee to furnish this detail. As such, if required, you may include it by using the example above. You may reduce the extent of the mention of skills or any other details that you deem irrelevant in the experience certificate.