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Believable Excuses for Not Going to Work

Marian K Oct 30, 2018
Everyone has days when they can't drag themselves out of bed and get to work. If you cannot tell your boss the real reason for not showing up at the office, here are some believable excuses for not going to work.
There are several reasons why a person may need to skip work, apart from illness. Many of us are often exhausted, and just need a day or two off to recharge our batteries. Hectic work weeks and weekends spent running errands, doing chores, and honoring obligations, usually take their toll.
Some of us need to visit the doctor for a check up, even though we aren't terribly sick. Sometimes, we just need to catch up on sleep. There are always days when certain errands need to be run, and once in a while, the house gets so dirty, that you just need to stay home and clean.
During hectic times, family and friends do get neglected, and one may need to skip work to give them time. Whether you are facing any of these situations, or just don't want to see the inside of your office, here are some excuses that you could try to take an off from work:

I'm Ill

Let's start with the commonly used and the most effective excuse to skip work, the 'i'm ill' excuse. The easiest excuse to skip work is to call in, saying you are developing a migraine.
Those who know the severity of migraines, know that a person is likely to throw up several times, and the slightest noise or light is jarring. For this reason, it is a great excuse to use when you have skipped work, but have not called in to inform. Also, as migraines recur, this is an excuse you can use again.
Dental treatment is another great excuse as the need for medical attention can crop up suddenly, without warning. We all know that to have any serious work done, such as a root canal, you definitely need the day off.
If you want to take it a step further, keep a wad of gauze in your mouth for a few hours to make it seem like your cheek/jawline is swollen. Another excuse that works well for the women, and that will stop a male boss from asking any questions is to claim you had a 'feminine problem'.

My Relative is Ill

Among the most used excuses for missing work are that a relative (uncle/aunt) or a friend is ill/had a heart attack, and you need to be at the hospital. It might be more effective, if you call in at noon, explaining that you were at the hospital all night and just got back.

My Dog

While having a pet is enormously rewarding, no one will deny the time and effort that needs to be put in to care for them. So don't feel guilty if you use them in excuses to skip work.
You can progress from "The dog ate my homework" to "The dog ate my car keys". You could also say, "My dog/pet is ill, and I had to stay home, take care of her, and take her to the vet."
If you feel like being a little outrageous, you could also say that your dog got spooked by a loud sound, and ran away the night before. Appear all harassed when you say you were up all night, trying to find and bring her back.

I Had a Mishap

Accidents happen without prior intimation, so they also make good excuses for skipping work. A sprain is the easiest to claim, and all you need to make it believable is a bandaged ankle or wrist.
You could also say that you threw your back out, or sprained your neck, but just make sure to show up the next day looking stiff or wearing a brace. You could also have fallen off your bike or slipped in the bathroom.
If you want an elaborate excuse, you can tell your boss that when you turned on the shower the water was too hot, so you jumped back, lost your footing, and hit your head against the wall. After that, you sat on the couch, suddenly fell asleep, and woke up hours later, confused about where you were and what had taken place.
If your job stress is getting to you, and a day off is the only answer, you could try using one of these excuses for taking a day off from work.