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Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is necessary for the purpose of creating complex employee schedules, that are required for ensuring smooth and successful business operations.
Aparna Iyer
Scheduling employees is an important aspect of planning and human resource management. Employee schedulers, or employee scheduling software, is necessary to automate the task of scheduling employees. It helps a business manage employee time; keep track of attendance, vacation time, compensation time, and user defined time; generate a calendar of leave and other employee details; and prepare data for payroll. Employee scheduling programs thus provide a simple solution for effective staff management. The software helps retail chain managers and large business firms generate an optimal schedule ahead of time. This, in turn, helps the process of planning. The manager can schedule multiple rotation shifts for employees without fearing a clash in shifts.


Employee scheduling software is advantageous because of the following reasons:
  • Saves the manager time and effort, and guarantees accuracy.
  • Matching employees with vacancies ensures that employees with multiple skills perform their best.
  • The needs of the company and the employee's desire to work in shifts are fully coordinated.
  • Any open shifts are immediately filled at minimal cost.
  • The software helps to consistently apply company policies and government rules across the length and breadth of the organization.
  • Automation ensures justice and fair play while distributing work and creating schedule.
  • Enables the manager to respond instantly to employee queries regarding their schedule.
  • No breach of security since scheduling information is safely protected by a password.
  • Customer support and online help features provide the necessary assistance to the manager.
  • Employees may be allowed to trade shifts with the help of a trade board.
  • The prepared schedule can also be posted online.
Buying Employee Schedulers

The software should be chosen depending on the nature of the business. Restaurants and retail stores hire part-time employees who are expected to work in shifts. Reducing labor cost and finalizing rotating shifts are the most important considerations for the aforementioned business. For the purpose of determining shifts, the manager needs to be aware of the time of the day or week when the business generates maximum revenue. So, the software which is chosen should be able to track all these details. Large companies, on the other hand, employ people on a full-time basis. Such companies would need a scheduling software for the purpose of keeping track of compensation time, vacation time, and payroll. Hence, a time management software would be useful.

Wide Variety of Reporting Options
The software should have a wide variety of reporting options. The manager should be able to view reports over different time periods. He should be able to compare the total amount of time available during a given period with the amount of free time requested by the employee. A summary of the number of shifts assigned and the number of shifts traded by the employees should also be available for the purpose of comparison.

Easy to Use
The main purpose of a scheduling software is to help a manager with employee schedule and save him time and money. These are tasks that need to be performed by the manager on a daily basis. Hence, the software should be easy to use. Moreover, the support staff should be courteous and helpful while handling customer queries.

The software should be equipped with tools in order to clearly demarcate shifts. The start and the end of the week and any holidays in-between should also be evident at a glance. Any conflicts in shifts should result in an automatic warning. Generally, different color schemes are used for clarity.

Employee scheduling software can, thus, help a business function smoothly by making optimal use of its workforce. This, in turn, would help the employees serve the customers to the best of their ability. After all, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.