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Employee Recognition Ideas

Priya Johnson Sep 30, 2018
Employee recognition is the key to reducing the attrition rate in an organization. Employers today are aware that they need to keep their employees motivated, to have them stay in the organization for a longer period of time.
Companies today are taking the extra step of going beyond compensation and benefits, in order to lure, engage and retain employees. 
Employee recognition spearheads a positive attitude amongst the workforce, which in turn will reinforce the overall business strategy of the organization. Moreover, it is required to improve employee morale.
One predominant reason why people leave the workplace is 'an unhealthy work environment'. To reduce employee turnover and increase employee retention, employers need to adopt certain employee recognition ideas. Recognizing employees for their hard work brings about a feeling of satisfaction among the employees.
Appreciate employees irrespective of economic conditions. Employers who treat employees like slaves, will be losers if the economy turns around.

Ideas for Employee Recognition

Employee recognition does not have to be elaborate, expensive or time-consuming. Even small gestures can make a large difference. Here are some different creative ideas for employee recognition: 
  • The employees can be awarded with fuel savings cards, prepaid phone cards, etc.
  • A 'lunch out' for the employees on the company's dime.
  • A surprise picnic
  • Serving ice cream to all the employees after the completion of targets or a specific project
  • Throwing a pizza lunch party for the the team.
  • Arranging breakfasts once a week or once a month for groups of employees.
  • Holding retreats in order to foster communication and setting goals.
  • A 'Hall of Fame' can be created with the photographs of outstanding employees.
  • A 'Stress Relief Kit' comprising comedy DVDs, stress balls, wind-up toys, etc. should be placed at the work place, for employees to go and relieve stress.
  • A photo collage exhibiting the success of a project and the people who worked on it.
  • Appreciating the works of the 'employee of the month' with a mug filled with treats
  • Distributing gift certificates at an employee meeting
  • Find out the employee's hobby and purchase a gift related to it, as a 'thank-you' gesture for the employee's efforts.
  • Once a year, the management can organize a "Staff Appreciation Day", wherein the managers cook and serve the food

Low or No Cost Employee Recognition

Employee recognition does not need to be expensive. There are several ideas which are economical. Appreciation can be shown in simple ways as well. Here are some ideas:
  • The management can send letters to the team members on the completion of a project and thank them for their hard work and co-operation.
  • Posting thank you notes at the employee's desk is sure to make the employee feel appreciated.
  • Giving special assignments to employees showing initiative.
  • On completion of a project, let the employees have an extra long lunch break.
  • Start an 'employee recognition program', wherein employees are given points for punctuality, attendance, teamwork, performance, etc. Award the super employees with gift certificates. This will help in employee motivation.
  • Handshakes, smiles and other such nonverbal behavior help demonstrate recognition.
  • Arrange a special lunch between the outstanding employee and the Director or employer.
  • Send appreciation letters to the families of employees who have spent long hours at work.
  • Get a ringed book to be passed on throughout the company, in which employees can thank their peers and team leads.
  • Getting employees to vote for their peers for the recognition award is also a great way of allowing a fair chance for employees to be recognized.
Employees should not have to wait long for recognition rewards. As and when an employee does anything remarkable, the efforts should be appreciated. These awards need not be expensive all the time.
Simple gestures from the management's side will create a positive environment in the organization. A positive environment will result in satisfied employees, thereby reducing the turnover rate. The goodwill of the organization will also increase in the market.