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Employee Motivation Ideas

Employee Motivation Ideas

Motivation is the crucial principle that helps successfully run an organization. The article below enlists some employee motivation ideas to help motivate your workforce.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
An idea can change your life, but if only you put that idea to work. Ideation is the crucial cornerstone of a company, but the employees of a company help these ideas materialize. A strong workforce is the backbone of every company. They are the reason for its growth and gains. If your employees were to cut slack frequently, it would be impossible to achieve targets. It is the very necessity and importance of employees in any organization that makes incorporating employee motivation ideas unavoidable in your management system.

Motivating Employees

Monetary Rewards

Giving out monetary rewards is one of the oldest, tried-and-tested motivation strategies for the staff. Every employee has a unique capability and capacity, and as an efficient boss, you must understand these capabilities to provide your employees with fair monetary rewards. The best way of analyzing work done by employees is through performance sheets and graphs. These rewards also motivate the under-performing employees to do better like their co-workers, to earn the rewards.


Employee motivation techniques suggest that recognition of an efficient employee or employees deliver great results. Despite its advantages, employee recognition is ignored in many organizations. Employee recognition is a communication tool. Recognition of a worthy employee shows the attitude of the management towards the employee and his/her value in the organization.

Perks and Benefits

It's not always about money. Perks and benefits are motivation ideas, that take into consideration the families of the employees. Medical benefits, holidays, compensatory offs, accommodation facilities, and mode of transportation are some of the perks and benefits that you can provide your employees, to make them feel valued and cared for. An in-depth analysis will show you that these perks work in your favor too. For example, compensatory offs give you the required attendance, accommodation facilities reduce the traveling time, and transportation facilities also reduce the traveling time.

Conducting 'out of the box' motivational activities, team building activities, hearing out your employees, understanding their problems, building a healthy relationship of trust with your employees, and having clear lines of communication and conducting feedback sessions are some more motivation ideas. There are a very few employees who know the art of self-motivation, for the others and for the majority, the employer has to take efforts to motivate them. Motivation is very important for highest and the best participation and enthusiasm from the employees. I hope, these motivation ideas have given you enough reasons to motivate your employees. Stay motivated!