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Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Aastha Dogra Sep 26, 2018
An employee appreciation day is a day celebrated by an organization as a tribute to the employees in order to recognize their efforts and thank them for their contribution towards the goals of the organization.

Hold Your Fire !!

Research has shown that it is costlier for an organization to hire a new employee than to retain one.
Recognizing, appreciating, and rewarding employees on a regular basis is very important to make them feel valued. Employees who feel cared for and wanted by an organization are much more motivated to perform with the best of their ability.
It is not just on some special occasion that employers should recognize their employees. This is something which can be carried out throughout the year, on a daily basis, even in one's daily conversation and dealings with the employees.
So, if you are a manager or an owner of a business, here are some very useful employee appreciation day ideas, which if you implement properly at your workplace, will prove very beneficial for as far as employee motivation is concerned.

Simple Yet Meaningful Ideas

Celebrate Outdoors

Employees come to the workplace at least five times a week. If they were to be restricted to that same place even on a day which is being celebrated for them, it would defeat the purpose of such an event in the first place. The employees should be taken outdoors to some place that is relaxing and has an aura of positivity and rejuvenation.

Handwritten Personal Notes

Avoid giving automated notes to every employee, especially when it comes to appreciation. While it may be easier to print the same content in every note and just alter the name of the employee, it would lessen the personal touch that can be achieved with a handwritten note that is customized for each employee.

Video Clip or a Presentation

A video clip or a presentation that highlights the various achievements of the organization that serves as a testimonial to the prowess of the employees is an ideal thing to include in the celebration schedule. It can make the employees feel that their work really counts.

Personalized Gifts

Efforts should be made in gathering information about the likes and dislikes of every employee, and based on that information, suitable gifts should be chosen. This can put a smile on their faces. Such an endeavor may not be possible if the number of employees is too high, but it should be carried out to whatever extent is possible.


Taking your employees out for a movie can pleasantly surprise them and rejuvenate their spirits. A movie with an uplifting theme serves this purpose the best.

Sports Day

Organize a sports day for the company. In fact, let there be volunteers who take up the task of organizing this. 
Make sure that every employee is involved in some way or the other, either by organizing or participation. Depending on the events or games that are included, this activity will ensure teamwork, fun, and even relaxation away from work related matters.

Out-of-the-box Ideas

Massage Therapy/Spa

If the number of employees is less, they can be treated to a free full body massage. Not only will this uplift their mood, it can actually de-stress them from the daily mundane work routine and pressure.

Adventure Sports

Get your employees' adrenaline pumping by planning an adventure excursion for them. This would be like a bolt from the blue, and would serve as a nice change for them.

Rock Concert

Organize a rock and roll concert to unwind your employees. Those possessing some musical talent should be given a chance to perform in front of the others. Not only will they feel great, but the known audience too would love the show, helping everyone to bond together much better.

Stand-up Comedy

Invite a popular stand-up comedian to tickle the funny bones of your employees. Laughter is considered healthy, and it can certainly induce a relaxed and calm atmosphere for the entire organization.


A buffet would go down very well with everyone. And these days, dessert buffets are the in-thing. Just inform your employees about the time and venue, and besides some good appetizers, the usual drinks, and delicious food, make sure there is a lot of ice cream, pies, cupcakes, and the likes available.

A Day Off

Many a time, just giving a day off can serve as the best reward for the employees. Ideally, this information should be conveyed as late as possible to everyone, so that the employees are pleasantly shocked.
Employee appreciation ideas such as the ones mentioned are very helpful in creating an environment in an office, in which everyone likes to work. During appreciation events, people participate in fun activities together, and hence are able to bond with each other better. This helps in creating a team environment in the organization.
Lastly, employees who are valued and appreciated, have a high morale and feel very motivated to work. Thus, planning employee appreciation events, days, gifts, and recognizing the employee's contribution from time to time, is a good way to ensure your organization's success.