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Simple Yet Effective Ways to Communicate With Your Boss

Effective Ways to Communicate With Your Boss
Worried about how to talk to your boss about an urgent leave? Too scared about losing your job over a small goof-up? It is only fair! But with effective ways to communicate with your boss, we promise to build your confidence in approaching your boss and speaking your mind.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018
Don't blame the boss. He has enough problems.
- Donald Rumsfeld
Intern Learning From His Mentor
Bosses become the most intimidating people in our adult life. They practically hold the power to make or break our careers and the lives that get connected with them. It is this role which makes it even more difficult for many people to communicate with their boss.
However, one really cannot get away by avoiding the boss every time. There comes a time when each person in the office cannot avoid talking to the boss.
The problem complicates further when the boss is younger than you. It creates a psychological rift, where one part of the mind rationalizes that your boss is inexperienced and misusing the given authority; while the other part has to reason to respect the decisions that your boss makes.
The simple thought of communicating with your boss can get you all stressed out and anxious. But we have a solution to your anxiety. These simple tips will help you communicate effectively with your boss. So let's take a look at what they are.
Best Ways of Communicating With Your Boss
Pick a Good Time
There is always a time and a place for everything. If you are caught in a case of bad timing, little can be done to salvage the situation. Thus, it is important to pick a good time to communicate with your boss.
A little late in the morning, when he or she is relatively free, and also during breaks if you are addressing a personal issue, are good times to get things across to your boss. If you are unable to find a good time, then try getting an appointment from the personal assistant of your boss.
Be Clear
Often, people keep beating around the bush and never get to the point. This is a sheer waste of your and your boss' time. Additionally, the point also remains lost in the conversation.
Although it is justified to be anxious about discussing the topic with your boss, it is also true that you need to broach it. If needed, rehearse what you need to say, and get to the point quickly. Be clear about what you have to say, request, or announce. Better the clarity in conversation, easier it is to fetch results.
Avoid Rude Distractions
It is rather rude when a conversation gets interrupted due to a ringing phone. Also, a conversation with your boss is not an everyday thing. Thus, give it a little more importance than what a phone needs at that point of time. Put your phone on silent mode to keep your focus on the conversation.
Another annoying thing are wrist watch alarms. You might have set these alarms to remind you of certain things to do or follow-up. But make sure you either turn them off or remove the watch before you walk through that door.
Listen More
A boss, more often than not, loves to talk. So after you propose your idea, it is most likely that your boss will want to share his thoughts on it, probably challenge it, draw up an analogy, or pick up an argument. It is important that you listen more than you feel like talking at this point of time.
Be an active listener, try to understand what is being said, and clarify any points if they have been misunderstood.
Articulate Your Thoughts
Sometimes, we know it when a certain idea is not going to go down well with the boss! At times like these, all we do is hope for the best. However, what you can do is, word your thoughts in a way that they come out with conviction.
Words can leave an indelible impression. Thus, make sure that what you say leaves a good impression at least. Avoid the usage of unnecessary jargon, and turn your aggression into assertion, to prove your point and convince your boss.
Mind Your Language
To be effective at communication, one needs to be careful of one's body language too, besides just words! Have you ever seen a person slouch, mumble, sweat, or get fidgety while delivering a speech? No good speakers and effective communicators talk this way.
A confident person who speaks to stir certain emotions in his listeners can be an effective communicator. This is the aim with which you need to communicate with your boss.
glad to see you
Look your boss in the eye, avoid too many gesticulations, keep a calm tone, correct your posture, and totally avoid any kind of negative facial expressions while communicating with him.
If your goal is to develop a long-term ground for good communication, then you need to build a friendly rapport with your boss. Fearing your boss will only complicate things for you. Have an open and positive mind as you walk towards getting over your fears. Accept this challenge of being heard in the corporate world.