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Effective Team Communication

Neha Joshi Jun 18, 2019
We all know that effective communication is essential in today's world. Without effective communication, it is impossible for us to achieve combined goals and objectives. Here, we discuss effective team communication skills, strategies and techniques.
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.  - George Bernard Shaw
Effective communication is very crucial in the corporate world today, a prerequisite for success. It ensures that decisions are taken well, and with the consent of all those who are a part of it. The various communication styles don't only improve the working environment, but it is observed that employees are more productive when communication is practiced.
No team can give its best performance, if its members are not performing to the best of their capabilities. One of the main reason for not performing - improper communication. Optimum output is expected from each team, and this is possible only with effective communication in the workplace, between all the levels of hierarchy.
Efficient communication will make sure that decisions are taken, taking into consideration view points of the entire team. This will make the decisions complete, and just too. A team which does not communicate effectively, will always experience low levels of employee motivation.

Effective Team Communication Skills

Learn How to Convey

To achieve effective communication, a lot depends on how you eradicate communication barriers, and speak precisely what you need to convey. Conveying what you want, and doing so rightly, holds the most significant key to efficient communication.
The management, your team members and colleagues, need to understand exactly what is being said. Their perception of your words, should be how you wanted it to be. And to achieve this, you have to be 'clear' when you convey.

Don't Talk, Speak!

Yet another skill would be learning how to speak. A person who just talks and doesn't speak sense, is considered a person who doesn't know, who is unaware. Such a person, cannot lead a team. The team members would never approach him/her when in doubt.
Learn to be articulate, have expected answers. Speak with a motive. Hold discussions, and not speeches. A two-sided conversation is an absolute necessity for effective communication to exist.

Be Open to Change

Another important skill required for effective communication, is to be open to change, to alterations and modifications. If you come across as a person who doesn't bother about the opinions and judgments of other people, no one is going to bother giving them to you.
Listening to what other people have to say, and being receptive to change is a must. It is very important to consider and value every person's opinion in your team.

Effective Team Communication Techniques

Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is one of the best and most effective communication technique, one that always works. It is very important to listen to people - your colleagues, your juniors especially.
Team members will come to you only if they know you are willing to listen. You will understand the importance of communication when you see the positive results it brings about.

Be Patient and Reasonable

Learn to be patient when you are dealing with a team. Let it be deadlines or targets, you cannot reach a conclusion based on assumption.
People have issues, and for them to discuss these, they need to feel comfortable. After such discussions, you have rational conclusions at your disposal. Freedom of expression, is the most helpful communication technique. You also need to be reasonable. Every person needs to be tackled and dealt with, in a different way. Do it!

Polls for People

Poll: a questioning or canvassing of persons selected at random or by quota to obtain information or opinions to be analyzed. ~ Merriam Webster
If you want effective communication in the office, you can hold polls for everything. Polls make the people feel that their opinions are taken into consideration and what they have to say matters. After these polls, it is also important to take decisions according to those polls. Proper action needs to be taken, after the polls come out with results.

Effective Team Communication Strategies

Group Meetings & Discussions

If you want to see some effective team communication activities, organize some group meetings and discussions where these can be developed.
Meetings, discussions and similar platforms work best when you want to see some communication happening. In these meetings, get to know the team members as a first step, and then start discussing the points you need to. Breaking the ice initially is very important.

Suggestions Box

Having a small suggestions box in the office is one the best communication strategies that you can develop.
Allow people to anonymously put in their suggestions. Keeping it anonymous will help people to be frank about what they feel. Secrecy is sometimes required to keep your dignity and this option will certainly help the cause. This strategy will surely help you go further in achieving the goal of effective communication.

Transparency & Combined Decisions

Transparency is of utmost importance in any team. Everyone in the team should have equal rights and duties, and this should be known to one and all.
The basic idea of a team, is where a group of people work towards a common goal and this makes it important for everyone to know what is happening. Similarly, a combined decision will make sure that everyone is an equal part of what is decided.
Now that you know the list of communication skills, strategies and techniques required for effective team communication, inculcate them in your workplace soon. Remember, 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall'! Start communicating today.