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Duties of Clean Room Assemblers

Learn about the required qualifications and what to expect on the job as a clean room assembler.
Modern Times Jul 20, 2019

Clean Room Assemblers

Advancing technology means high demand for clean room assemblers. What do you think of when you hear “clean room"?

Well, it has little to do with cleaning. A clean room is a sterile environment where technicians assemble delicate parts for computers and medical devices. Here are the job requirements and duties for clean room techs.

Maintain a Sterile Environment

A clean room assembler must maintain a rigorous, contamination-free environment to avoid damaging fragile parts. Assemblers wear protective gear to reduce allergens, skin particles, dust and dirt in the room. Protective gear includes a suit, a face mask, gloves, boot covers and other equipments.

Production Duties

Numerous fields involve the use of clean rooms. For example, you might manufacture parts for prosthetics or produce microchips for aerospace equipment. Production activities include using UV light to cure microchips, drilling, dicing, packaging, and bonding cooling units, power supplies, and cooling units.

Assembly Duties

Following detail documentation and attention to detail are essential skills of clean room assemblers. Clean room specialists are usually involved in the near-final or final assembly stage of a product. Workers may work with pharmaceuticals preparations like dosing to ensure patients are given correct medication.

Inspection Duties

Some clean room duties relate to product inspection. Assemblers involved inspecting products must be intimate with the company’s quality control processes and product standards. Inspectors might use tools like light scanners and magnifying viewers to help them identify defective products.


Interested in becoming a clean room technician? A high school diploma or GED usually is the only requirement, although many employers prefer candidates with an associate degree or college experience. Most businesses offer thorough training program to workers due to severe consequences of introducing contaminants to a clean room.

Is Clean Room Assembling for You?

The need for skilled clean room workers continues to rise due to ongoing technological advances. Who knows what trends will continue to rise for this exciting field! If you’re detail-oriented and interested in a fast-growing career, consider clean room assembling.