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Cubicle Decorations

Cubicle Decorations

It makes sense to dress up your cubicle if you spend around 8 out of 24 hours at work for the larger part of the week. Read ahead for some ideas on cubicle decorations.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.
~ Betty Bender

I know just too well how much love is lost between me and my cubicle! It appears that in all those 8 hours that I spend inside it, I like my cubicle the most when I get up to leave for the day! What? Did I just see you nodding in disagreement? You mean you really, as in REALLY, like coming to the same office, doing the same job, meeting the same people (this part refers to the annoying, mean ones and extends to the pathological gossip mongers) every single day of your life? Well, that either makes you a fresher who's just started on his first job, a pathetic loser who needs to get a life out of workplace or a boot-licking liar who's gone into perpetual denial in order to please the big shots at workplace!

Did that hit too hard? Well, I'm glad if it did! Anyway, for those of you who have still managed to stay true to themselves and haven't stifled the instinctive human urge to break out of routine rut, here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate office cubicle decorations to brighten up your work-hole and paint it with shades of your own personality!

Cubicle Decoration Ideas

The primary idea behind decorating your office cubicle is to make it conducive to wakefulness and keep monotony at bay by using your individual sense of aesthetics. Therefore, it is best that you call upon the things that appeal to you the most in terms of interest and amusement to embark upon decorating your personal workstation. However, here are some ideas that you can customize in your individual ways to conjure up a variety of ways to deck up that cubicle of yours!

Said What? Said Who?
Quotes - funny, witty, inspiring, motivational, encouraging! Pinning up quotes on the walls of your cubicle is a great way to spice up the micro environment as, during spells of monotony or when having some spare time at hand (lucky you!), you can always look around for some light and inspiring moments, right within those 3 walls! Also, when you feel yourself about to snap due to work overload, you can always draw inspiration and moral courage from some great, mood altering quotes by famous people!

Laugh off Those Blues!
One of the best ways to fight off the mid-week crisis is to lighten up and give in to humor! Pinning up short jokes, one liners and funny witticisms can be extremely rewarding when the weekend still seems far away! Check out websites for office jokes, one liners and other content poking fun at office stereotypes and glue/ pin them to your cubicle walls or write them on post-its and stick them to your monitor! A peek every now and then at these would keep your mind fresh and your mood light even when you're in the midst of those banefully fat files!

In God We Trust
You can decorate your cubicle with religious symbols and imagery. Spiritual ornamentation and decorative pieces can be arranged tastefully on the table and religious pictures can be stuck or hung on the cubicle walls. Being surrounded by images and symbols of your faith can have a very calming effect on your mind as you draw positivity and strength from them!

The Usual Dressy Stuff
You can stick to conventional aesthetics and decorate your workstation with beautiful cute showpieces like cute little statuettes, snow globes, picturesque calendars, decorative key rings, ornamental photo frames with a picture of yourself or a loved one, tiny flower vases with artificial flowers (or you can get the real ones, provided the housekeeping guys don't mind the watery mess!), exquisitely carved pen stands, tiny teddies and the sort! You can also keep small potted plants or bamboo bonsai on the table as it is considered a positive influence by Feng Shui.

Let Your Art Speak!
If you're a creative creature and your professional callings have rusted your talents, you can use this opportunity to impart a streak of your own persona to your cubicle by decorating with your own creations, be it sketches, paintings, paper or fabric crafts, clay models, wood carvings and the like! Any of you interested in photography can turn your cubicle into a collage of the slices of life and nature snapped by you!

Set the Theme...
You can change the look of your cubicle every so often by changing the theme of the entire workspace! Be it seasons, festivals, movies or video games, you can set the mood and feel of your cubicle after n number of themes. You know the best part about it? The themes proclaim your moods and this tells people about your current disposition without you having to drop hints! So, if it's an Enter the Dragon theme that Pete put up in his cubicle yesterday, complete with angry Bruce Lee posters and fake nunchakus, you had better not cross his path for a couple of days!

Work on these interesting ideas on creative, attractive and funny cubicle decorations to come up with some original ideas for your workstation. After all, those 8 hours need not be all drudgery if you don't want them to be! No matter how much you hate the routine rut, you cannot avoid your cubicle forever. The least you can do is to liven it up and get the best out of it so that you are charged up enough to give your best when working inside it!
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